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Additional Qualifications Online Application System

You may use this system to:

  • Apply for Additional Qualifications courses
    (Note that a valid email address and credit card are required)
  • Check the registration status of your application
  • Update your current contact information

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Professors Emeriti

Sabir A. Alvi  
Mary Louise Arnold phone: (416) 978-1059 
email: ml.arnold@utoronto.ca
Janet Astington phone:  (416) 934-4555
Carl Bereiter (416) 923-6641
Andy Biemiller  
J.R. Bruce Cassie  
Carl Corter phone: (416) 934-4502
Joseph Ducharme phone: (416) 978-0936 
email: joe.ducharme@utoronto.ca
Mary Alice Guttman  
Jennifer Hardacre  
Thomas Humphries tom.humphries@sympatico.ca
Marc Lewis  phone:  (416) 978-0938
Nancy Link (416) 978-0624
Hazel McBride phone: (416) 978-0941 
email: hazel.mcbride@utoronto.ca
Joan Moss phone: (416) 934-4504 
email: joan.moss@utoronto.ca
Carol Musselman  
Keith Oatley  
David Olson phone:  (416)978-1021
email:  dolson@oise.utoronto.ca
Niva Piran phone: (416) 978-0712 
email: niva.piran@utoronto.ca
Denis Shakel  
Keith Stanovich  
Rosemary Tannock phone: (416) 978-0924 
email: rosemary.tannock@utoronto.ca

Conchita Tan-Willman ctanwillman@oise.utoronto.ca
Judith Wiener phone: (416) 978-0935 
email: judy.wiener@utoronto.ca
Richard Wolfe richard.wolfe@utoronto.ca