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Applied Psychology &  Human Development



Child Study & Education (CSE)

Welcome to the Master of Arts Program in Child Study and Education at the Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study. This program combines a Master of Arts degree with elementary teacher certification. Housed in historic McCarthy House, our program admits only 45 students each year who want to pursue a career in teaching elementary school children with graduate training that may lead to a doctoral degree.

Our program is truly unique in the world. In addition to combining teacher education and graduate studies, our program offers intensive practicum placements in our on-site Laboratory School as well as in public school settings; you can also choose to concentrate in the areas of special education and/or early childhood.

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Developmental Psychology & Education (DPE)

The DPE program provides an opportunity for students to construct an overall perspective on developmental psychology and human development and their implications for practice with children in educational and other applied settings. Students take foundation courses in human development and research methodology. Elective courses cover a range of areas including cognitive, social and emotional development; cognition and instruction (language, literacy and mathematics); special education and adaptive instruction; developmental neuroscience; advanced research methodology and evaluation; and early childhood policy and programs, including childcare.

The DPE program offers a full-time M.A. program, primarily for students who wish to pursue a career in research, university or community college teaching, and related activities; an M.Ed. degree program, usually taken on a part-time basis, designed primarily for students who are teaching in the school system or working in early childhood education settings, in community literacy programs or in settings with children or adults with disabilities; and a Ph.D. degree program, which emphasizes knowledge in disciplines related to theory and research in the area of developmental psychology and education. The Ph.D. program may be taken full-time or, by students working concurrently in a career related to the proposed field of study, on a flexible-time basis

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School & Clinical Child Psychology (SCCP)

The specific mission of the SCCP program is to provide students with theoretical and professional training in preparation for psychological work with children, adolescents and families in school, mental health, private practice, and research settings. The program is designed to provide training in assessment, therapy, and other psychosocial and instructional interventions, professional consultation, and prevention. Opportunities are available for research and professional work with infants, young children, adolescents, adults and families. The MA in SCCP is designed to meet the academic requirements of the College of Psychologists of Ontario for registration as a Psychological Associate. The PhD in SCCP is designed to meet the academic requirements for registration as a Psychologist.

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