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Additional Qualifications Online Application System

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Applied Psychology &  Human Development

Faculty Profiles



Mary Louise Arnold
Anne-Claude Bedard
Mary Caravias
Charles Chen
Xi Becky Chen
Todd Cunningham
Joseph Ducharme
Michel Ferrari
Patricia Ganea
Esther Geva
J. Roy Gillis
Abby Goldstein
Chloe Hamza
Guanglei Hong
Eunhee Jang
Jennifer Jenkins
Steven Katz
Kang Lee
Rhonda Martinussen
Hazel McBride
Roy Moodley
Joan Moss
Charles Pascal
Janette Pelletier
Michal Perlman
Joan Peskin
Michele Peterson-Badali
Niva Piran
Angela Pyle
Marg Schneider
Katreena Scott
Judith Silver
Lana Stermac
Suzanne Stewart
Rosemary Tannock
Richard Volpe
Jeanne Watson
Judith Wiener
Dale Willows
Earl Woodruff
Debby Zweig



Chriss Moore
Daniel Keating



Barbara Bell-Angus Lecturer, BEd Psyc Foundations
Andrea Breen Lecturer, BEd Related Studies
Mary Caravias  Lecturer, SCCP Program
Jody Chong Lecturer, CSE Program
Laurie Costaris Lecturer, SCCP Program 
Connie Edwards Lecturer, BEd Psyc Foundations
Anthony Folino Lecturer, BEd Psyc Foundations & Related Studies
Joanne Foster Lecturer, BEd Psyc Foundations & Related Studies
Sarah Harper Lecturer, BEd Psyc Foundations & Related Studies
Carol Kelley Lecturer, BEd Psyc Foundations & Related Studies
Ronna Kluger Practicum Co-ordinator, CSE Program
Susan London McNab Lecturer, CSE Program
Jerry Lazare Lecturer, BEd Psyc Foundations
Paulo Pires Lecturer, BEd Psyc Foundations



Sabir A. Alvi Marc Lewis
Janet Astington Nancy Link
Carl Bereiter Carol Musselman
Andy Biemiller Keith Oatley
J.R. Bruce Cassie David Olson
Carl Corter Denis Shakel
Mary Alice Guttman Keith Stanovich
Jennifer Hardacre Conchita Tan-Willman
Thomas Humphries Richard Wolfe