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Additional Qualifications Online Application System

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Additional Qualifications

Additional Qualification (AQ) courses can qualify you to teach in other divisions/subject areas and help you improve your current teaching skills. AQ courses help educators meet the needs of a variety of learners, adapt to the changing curriculum, incorporate current research into daily teaching practices and integrate technology. Since educators from various school districts attend our courses, all are enriched through a sharing of differing perspectives, ideas and resources. Distinguished faculty from OISE and educational leaders from school districts both instruct and provide the research integral to our courses.

The Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession and the Ethical Standards for the Teaching Profession from the Ontario College of Teachers are infused within all Additional Qualification courses. These standards describe all that is best about the teaching profession, providing both the vision and framework for which teachers strive every day. Embedded in this responsibility are the core values of professionalism - those principles that define teachers' moral and ethical obligations both individually and collectively to serve the public good.

Course Formats

  • Online
  • In-Class
  • Partially Online

Summary of Additional Qualification Course Sessions

Spring 2014  January 21, 2014 April 22 - June 13  April 20, 2014  July early August
Summer 2014  April 23, 2014

In class: July 2-24, 2014

Online: July 3-30, 2014

 June 25, 2014  August late August
Fall 2014  July 2014 October - December September 25, 2014 2014  January late January
Winter 2015  October 8, 2014 January  - March  January 2015  April early May

Math AQ Subsidy

Math AQ or ABQ subsidyBeginning April 2014, the Ministry of Education, through the Ontario Teachers’ Federation, is offering a $450 subsidy to teachers who successfully complete a Math AQ or ABQ. To be eligible for a subsidy, teachers must be employed in Ontario’s publicly funded school system. Subsidies will be issued on a first come, first served basis. Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Download the subsidy application form here.