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CERLL Faculty Profiles


Jeff Bale
Antoinette Gagné
Julie Kerekes
Enrica Piccardo
Katherine Rehner
Rob Simon
Nina Spada
Shelley Stagg Peterson
Sandra Styres


Professional Services and Activities

ALISTER CUMMING completed a year-long sabbatical in July 2012. During the past year he gave plenary addresses at the Second Language Acquisition Graduate Student Symposium at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Symposium on Second Language Writing at Purdue University, Currents in Language Learning Symposium at the University of Michigan, and TESL Ontario’s Research Symposium in Toronto.  Together with Lourdes Ortega and Nick Ellis, he co-edited the proceedings of the symposium at the University of Michigan as a supplement to the journal Language Learning, which was also published as the book Agendas for Language Learning Research by Wiley-Blackwell. Alister was the Lansdowne Lecturer for the Department of Linguistics at the University of Victoria for a week in March. He presented with three OISE graduate students preliminary results of their current project at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for Applied Linguistics in Dallas.  Alister continued his role as Executive Director of Language Learning, directing the journal’s budget and four granting programs and attending their annual Board meeting in Ann Arbor in April. Alister joined a new committee at Educational Testing Service preparing revisions to the TOEFL, attending two of their meetings in Princeton in the summer and autumn.  He also participated in two granting councils, attending meetings in March for the Hong Kong Research Grants Council’s International PhD Fellowship Scheme and for SSHRC’s Insight Grants.  He continued to work on a panel of experts that review tests of English and French proficiency for Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Alister serves on the editorial boards of the journals Assessing Writing, Canadian Modern Language Review, Curriculum Inquiry, Iranian Journal of Language Teaching, Journal of Second Language Writing, Language Assessment Quarterly, Language Learning, Language Testing, Present Tense: A Journal of Rhetoric in Society, Writing and Pedagogy, and TESL Canada Journal and of the recently published Routledge Encyclopedia of Second Language Acquisition.

JIM CUMMINS is on sabbatical leave for 2012/2013. Among the major presentations he was invited to deliver during this time were keynote presentations at the Language and Literacy Researchers of Canada (LLRC) conference at Wilfred Laurier University in May 2012 and at the conference on Urban Multilingualism at the University of Ghent in Belgium in March 2013. While on study leave, Jim has been working on several book projects which he expects to complete in 2013.

ANTOINETTE GAGNÉ is on sabbatical leave for 2012/2013. As part of ongoing consultation around curriculum renewal in teacher education at Playa Ancha University in Valparaiso and San Felipe, Chile, Antoinette, in collaboration with UPLA colleagues, is guiding the creation of ARC, a centre devoted to action research and reflective practice connected directly to the 2013-2016 Institutional Improvement Plan for Teacher Education at UPLA. Antoinette has also designed a pilot project to help increase the capacity of professors and administrators to teach and work in English at Northeastern University in Shenyang, China. Antoinette will evaluate the effectiveness of the three-part pilot, which includes pre-departure and post-program components as well as a 6-month study period in Toronto.

In her new roles as Associate Professor and Coordinator of the new program in Language and Literacies Education, JULIE KEREKES has broadened her research and teaching projects and collaborations to include a wider array of students and colleagues at home and internationally.  The funding for her SSHRC Standard Research grant, “Internationally educated employment seekers in North America:  An ideological and sociolinguistic investigation of their experiences,” concluded this year.  Findings from the project were disseminated at conferences and invited talks in Berkeley, Berlin, Boston, Guelph, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Francisco, and Toronto. Julie co-authored a chapter in Discourses of trust, edited by Candlin and Crichton, together with three Research Assistants, Joanne Chow, Alina Lemak, and Zhanna Perhan. Julie is a Co-Investigator on “Enhancing internationally educated nurses’ language competencies: Fair and effective systems change,” a project funded by the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.  In its second year of funding, together with colleagues Julie presented papers in Chicago, Dallas, and Toronto; published a paper in ESP News; and prepared two manuscripts for submission to refereed journals. Other research on internationally educated professionals in workplace contexts has resulted in new collaborations and grant applications with colleagues in Finland, Hungary, and Ethiopia.  Julie continues to serve on two international editorial boards and on Gailey Road Productions Board of Directors.

ENRICA PICCARDO gave a keynote address last fall at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton on plurilingualism in SLE followed by an invited workshop on “Plurilingual education: German after English” organized by the Atlantic Council of Teachers of German. She was invited by the Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute of the University of Ottawa to give a plenary speech on “Découvrir et valoriser le plurilinguisme des apprenants: pour une nouvelle posture pédagogique”. The speech was broadcast live through the web through the North and South American Universities network. Enrica also worked as a consultant-expert reviewing the theoretical framework of the Canadian Language Benchmarks (and their French equivalent Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens) and contributing to rework the French descriptors . She was invited to speak in two symposia organized by the Centre for Canadian language benchmarks: at the B.C. TESL Canada conference and at the TESL Ontario conference. Enrica continued her Connaught-funded research project on the role of Empathy in SL in collaboration with colleagues in France. She also developed the research project ECEP with SL/FL teachers on the implication of CEFR-based assessment tools for their practice. She started a new project aimed at creating a Personal Language Portfolio specifically for Canadian linguistic and cultural situations. With a colleague, Enrica is editing an issue of the French scholarly journal LIDIL on emotions to be published later this year. Enrica continues to serve as editor-in-chief of the academic journal Synergies Europe. She serves as a reviewer for several academic journals both Canadian (International Journal of Multilingualism, Les cahiers de l’ILOB/OLBI Working Papers, Canadian Journal of Applied Linguistics, McGill Journal of Education) and European (Synergy, Rumania, and Repères-DORIF, Italy).

Last spring NINA SPADA travelled to Turkey to give a plenary address at an International ELT conference in Ankara followed by an invited lecture in the Applied Linguistics program at the University of Bogazici in Istanbul. In the fall she visited Spain as a research consultant on a project investigating the teaching and learning of English as a foreign language with primary school children in Barcelona. While there she gave an invited lecture in the Department of Philology at the University of Barcelona. More recently, she and the members of her research group gave three papers at the American Association for Applied Linguistics conference.  Nina also attended the TESOL conference where she and Patsy Lightbown gave a presentation to mark the launch of the 4th edition of their co-authored book How Languages are Learned published by Oxford University Press.  The past year has resulted in several manuscripts either published or in press based on Nina’s SSHRC funded research and that of her doctoral students.  She continued her role as co-editor of the Language Learning and Language Teaching book series with John Benjamins Publishing Company which resulted in the publication of 4 new volumes this year. This series is directed to an academic audience (i.e. researchers and graduate students of applied linguistics).  Nina was also actively engaged as co-editor of a new book series with Oxford University Press, Key Concepts for the Language Classroom which is directed to second/foreign language teachers. The first volume in the series is in press (Content-Based Language Teaching) and four others have been commissioned and are at various stages of development.  In 2013 Nina also continued her role as a member of the editorial boards of three journals.

SHELLEY STAGG PETERSON is the founder and chief editor of the Journal of Classroom Research in Literacy, an online peer-reviewed journal featuring classroom-based research. She has reviewed submissions for The Reading Teacher, and Reading Research Quarterly and for the AERA and IRA conferences. She co-presented papers reporting research reports at the Literacy Research Association and International Reading Association conferences. This year she was honoured by the International Reading Association membership by being elected as a member of the Board of Directors. She is in the third of a three-year term on the Notable Books for a Global Society committee of the International Reading Association. The nine academics on this committee read approximately 300 books to determine the top 25 notable books for 2012.  Shelley was an invited speaker on two TVO Parents.com panels, talking about informational literature and literature for pre-school children. She was a guest on the CBC Radio noon-hour talk show, Ontario Today, on the topic of whether cursive writing should be taught in today’s schools.


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