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Additional Qualifications Online Application System

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Curriculum, Teaching  & Learning

Ethical Review

All students must obtain University of Toronto research ethics approval for any new research project. Applications for approval can only be submitted after the proposal has been approved by the student’s supervisor. ​This applies to funded and non-funded research, as well as research being conducted as part of a graduate course, thesis or other degree requirement.

Students joining an ongoing project must be certain that the project has received ethics approval, and ensure that they are named in the project proposal. 

Students are advised to submit their ethics review application well in advance of their project's anticipated start date.


The application

The ethics submission and review process is now completed online through the My Research system at the University of Toronto. The system is the web-enabled gateway for Investigators, Academic Administrators and Staff for research related administrative activities at the University of Toronto.

To assist you in this new process, the RAISE team (Research Administration Improvement & Systems Enhancement) has created detailed instuctions for either creating a new human research ethics protocol or working on an existing protocol:

I want to create an Original Submission in my Name
How do I create a NEW human research ethics protocol in my name (Student PI)?


I want to work on an EXISTING human research ethics protocol on which I am PI
How do I create a protocol document (e.g. renewal or amendment) on my student protocol that was created prior to October 25, 2017, i.e. before the launch of My Research – Human Protocols (MRHP) system? (“Legacy Protocol”)?

Tips, resources, guidelines


The Research and Innovation website offers important information for completing the application as well as its supporting documents/appendices:

  • Familiarize yourself with application procedures and instructions 
  • Ethics review submissions should normally not include thesis proposals, journal articles, or budgets.
  • Applicants are advised to refer to the Guide for Informed Consent Documents when preparing information and consent letters/forms.
  • Several guidelines have been created to assist researchers in development of ethics protocols that deal with specific disciplines or methodologies (e.g., participant observation, use of deception and debriefing) and general topics (e.g., compensation).
  • If you are applying for delegated review, be sure to provide an explanation of why your submission qualifies. The main criterion that is used to determine whether a protocol may be reviewed through the delegated process is risk. Only research that meets the threshold of minimal risk may be delegated. (Learn more about criterion for delegated review). 
  • All research to be conducted in schools must have administrative consent/permission prior to recruitment. Some school boards, including the Toronto District School Board, require protocol review by their Research Committee before gaining administrative permission. Please contact the school board to be involved with your research for further information. 



To submit your appication, e-mail an electronic copy of your protocol and appendices as a single Word document or a pdf – with appendices pasted in at the end – to the Social Sciences, Humanities and Education Research Ethics Board (REB) at new.ethics.protocols@utoronto.ca. Electronic signatures are preferred. Your project will be reviewed, and qualify for either delegated or full review.

All other submissions which are not new (e.g., revisions and continuing review submissions), as well as general inquiries, should be sent to ethics.review@utoronto.ca.

Each cycle through the delegated review process (i.e. initial review or review of revisions) takes approximately 4-5 weeks to complete from the date the study was sent to the reviewer. The overall duration of a given review will depend on how many rounds of revision are required.

You will receive written notification from the ORE once the ethical review of your project or thesis has been given final approval.

If you have any questions, please contact Terry Louisy at 416-978-0054 or terry.louisy@utoronto.ca



The deadline for delegated review is every Monday (or first business day of the week) by 4 pm. Submission due dates and meeting dates are determined by the respective REB (see deadlines here). Please submit your application well in advance of your intended start date.