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Curriculum, Teaching  & Learning
Antoinette Gagné

Antoinette Gagné
Associate Professor
Associate Chair, Student Experience, Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

phone: (416) 978-0283

Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

Centre for Educational Research on Languages and Literacies

Research Overview

Dr. Antoinette Gagné has been a professor at the University of Toronto since 1989. Her research has focused on teacher education for diversity and inclusion in various contexts. She has also explored the experiences of newcomers and their families in Canadian schools as well as plurilingual students in post-secondary education. Much of her research has involved collaboration with teachers and English learners and has culminated in multimedia products which can be found on the DiT - Diversity in Teaching and the Refugee Education websites. Knowing the key role of teachers in the lives of English learners, Professor Gagn has been an advocate and activist for improved learning opportunities for preservice and inservice teachers. In addition, she is actively involved in three research programs and supervises MA and PhD students.

Curriculum Vitae

Academic History

Ph.D. OISE, University of Toronto, Curriculum, 1994
M.Ed. McGill University, Education, 1982
B.Ed. McGill University, Education, 1977

Teaching Overview

Dr. Gagné has taught the following courses at OISE:

CTL 3040 The Education of Students of Refugee Background in Canada and Beyond
CTL3008 Critical Pedagogy, Cultural and Linguistic Diversity
CTL 3017 Supporting English Language Learners
CTL 3001 Research Colloquium in Language and Literacies Education
CTL 3999 The Proseminar in Language and Literacies Education
CTL 3999 Action Research
CTL 7006 Reflective Teaching and Inquiry into Research in Education
CTL 3999 Special Topics in Second Language Education: Practicum in College and University Teaching
CTL 3002 The Methodology and Organization of Second Language Teaching
CTL 3012 Communicative Competence
CTL 3024 Second Language Teacher Education
CTL 3798 Individual Reading and Research in Second Language Education:
Master's and Doctoral Levels
CTL 3797 Practicum in Second Language Education Master's and Doctoral

Representative Publications

Gagné, A., Herath, S. & Kalan, A. (Eds.) (In press). Critical Action Research Challenging Neoliberal Language and Literacies Education: Auto and Duoethnographies of Global Experiences. Peter Lang Publishing. 

Gagné, A. & Wattar, D.  (In press). A Duoethnographic Perspective on Supporting Muslim Children, Youth and Their Families in Canadian Schools. In Equity and Justice Perspectives on Education in Canada edited Ali A. Abdi. Canadian Scholars Press.

Gagné, A., Rajendram, S. & Wattar, D. (In press). Working Toward Equity and Engagement in an Online Course for Future K-12 Teachers. In Teaching in the Post COVID-19 Era: World Education Dilemmas, Teaching Innovations and Solutions in the Age of Crisis edited by I. Fayed, I., & J. Cummings, J. Springer Publishing. New York.

Gagné, A. (2021). Teacher Education for Diversity Through an Autoethnographic Lens. In Superdiversity and Teacher Education: Supporting Teachers in Working with Culturally, Linguistically, and Racially Diverse Students, Families, and Communities edited by Guofang Li, J. Anderson, J. Hare, and M. McTavish. Routledge Publishers. 

Valencia, M., Herath, S. & Gagné, A. (2020). Unpacking Professional Identity: The Use of Multimodal Identity Texts and Duoethnographies in Language Teacher Education. In Language Teacher Identity in TESOL: Teacher Education and Practice as Identity Work edited by B. Yazan and K. Lindahl, Routledge.

Bale, J., Gagné, A. & Kerekes, J. (2019). Meeting the needs of plurilingual English learners in public schools: Let’s start with teacher education. In J. Mueller & J. Nickel (Eds.), Globalization and diversity in education: What does it mean for Canadian teacher education? Ottawa, ON: Canadian Association for Teacher Education.

Gagné, A., Al-Hashimi, N., Little, M., Lowen, M., & Sidhu, A. (2018). Educator perspectives on the social and academic integration of Syrian refugees in Canada. Journal of Family Diversity in Education.

Gagné, A., Herath, S. & Valencia, M. (2018). Exploring privilege and marginalization in ELT: A trioethnography of three diverse educators. In Criticality, Teacher Identity, and (In)equity in English Language Teaching: Issues and Implications edited by B. Yazan & N. Rudolph. Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer, 237-256.

Corcoran, J., Gagné, A., & McIntosh, M. (2017). A Conversation about “Editing” Plurilingual Scholars’ Thesis Writing. Canadian Journal for Studies in Discourse and Writing/Rédactologie. 28, 1-25. 

Gagné, A., Herath, S. & Valencia, M. (2017). Autobiographical creation: A powerful professional development strategy for teachers. Creative Dimensions of Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century edited by J. B. Cummings and M. L. Blatherwick. Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishers. 117-130.

Gagné, A., Schmidt, C. and Markus, P. (2017). Teaching about Refugees: Developing Culturally Responsive Educators in Contexts of Politicized Transnationalism. Intercultural Education on Teaching About Refugees. 28(5), 429-446.

Gagné, A. and Inbar-Lourie, O. (2016). Multiple perspectives on language proficiency development of non-native English-speaking teacher candidates in Canada and Israel in Research on English Language Teacher Education and Professional Development edited by J. Crandall and M. Christison. Routledge/Taylor & Francis. 

Gagné, A. Chassels, C. and McIntosh, M. (2015). Plurilingual teachers and their experiences navigating the academy: Lessons and strategies for equity, Australian Review of Applied Linguistics. 38(3), 106-122.

Gagné, A. and Soto Gordon, S. (2015). Leadership education for English language learners as transformative pedagogy. Intercultural Education. 26(6), 530-546.

Gagné, A. and Schmidt, C. (2015). Internationally educated teacher candidates in Canadian faculties of education: When diversity ≠ equity in the Handbook of Canadian Research in Initial Teacher Education edited by T.Falkenberg. 295-311.

Chanicka, J. and Gagné, A. (2015). Our journey at Aldergrove Public School – social justice Praxis in one Canadian Elementary School. Intercultural Education. 26(3). 238-247. 

Gagné, A. and Schmidt, C. (2014). Meaningful processes and products in educational research for diversities: A duoethnographic inquiry. The International Journal of Education for Diversities. 3, 1-19.

Gagné, A. and Soto Gordon, S.  (2014). Participatory Action Research in a High School Drama Club – A Catalyst for Change Among English Language Learners in Canada. In Methodologies for Investigating Diversity (in Education): International Perspectives edited by G. Smyth and N. Santoro. London, England: Trentham Press.

Gagné, A. & Valencia, M. (2013). Developing Teacher Candidates’ Target Language Proficiency in a Policy and Institutionally Supportive Environment: Challenges and Opportunities. In Language Teachers and Teaching: Global Perspectives, Local Initiatives edited by S. Ben Said and L. Jun Zhang. Routledge Publishers.

Gagné, A. and Soto Gordon, S.  (2013).  Social justice for English Language Learners at Parkdown Secondary School in Canada. In Learning Spaces for Social Justice: international perspectives on exemplary practices from preschool to secondary school Edited by H. Ragnarsdóttir and C. Schmidt. London, England: IOE Press.

Honours and Awards

2007 OISE / University of Toronto, Distinguished Contribution to Teaching Award

Professional Activities

Dr. Gagné is active in curriculum consultation, grant application review and academic review.