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Curriculum, Teaching  & Learning

Mark Evans
Associate Professor, Teaching Stream

phone: 416 978 2612
email: mark.evans@utoronto.ca  

Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

Secondary Education

Research Overview

Mark is involved in a variety of curriculum reform initiatives, teacher education projects, and research studies locally and internationally. His work focuses primarily on citizenship education, teacher education, and curriculum and instructional orientations in their many representations in schooling contexts and systems worldwide. Interwoven into his work are particular themes and issues related to curriculum design, classroom and school culture, pedagogical practice, assessment and evaluation, equity and inclusion, and professional inquiry and learning. Mark’s work addresses the complex interplay of research, policy, practice, and context and the implications for improved learning experiences. He is particularly interested in how countries in different parts of the world approach similar questions and challenges being experienced in Canada.

Curriculum Vitae


Academic History

Mark is Associate Professor, Teaching Stream in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning. He has served as Associate Dean, Teacher Education (2006, 2008-2011), Director of the Secondary Teacher Education Program (2001-2005), Principal of the History and Contemporary Studies Additional Qualifications Program (1994-1998) and is affiliated with the Comparative and International Development Education Centre. He also served as District Consultant (Instruction and Teacher Development, 1988-1991), Department Chair and Teacher (History and Contemporary Studies, 1977-1988) with the Peel District Board of Education.

Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Educational Studies, University of York, England
Master of Arts, Department of Political Studies, McMaster University, Ontario
Bachelor of Education, Faculty of Education, University of Western Ontario
Bachelor of Arts (Summa cum laude), Faculty of Social Sciences, McMaster University, Ontario

Teaching Overview

Mark teaches a variety of courses (e.g., Foundations of Curriculum; Improving Teaching; Models of Teaching; History & Social Science Education; Citizenship, Pedagogy, and School Communities; Issues in International and Global Education; Teacher Education Seminar) in the Initial Teacher, Graduate, and Continuing Education Programs. He contributes to courses internationally, including a recent webinar with the University of Melbourne’s first collaborative MasterClass on Globalization and Education: Culture, Identity, Rights and Democracy. In addition, he introduced and coordinated the Alternate III Program 'School, Community, and Global Connections' (1997-2000). Mark is recipient of the University of Toronto Teaching Award, the Student Teacher Union’s OISE/UT Professor of the Year Award, and different awards for teaching excellence.

Representative Publications

Davies, I., Evans, M., & Peterson, A. (Eds.) (2014). Civic Activism, Engagement and Education: Issues and Trends. Special Edition for the Journal of Social Science Education (JSSE), Germany (Volume 13 (4) 2014).

Evans, M., Montemurro, D., Gambhir, M., & Broad, K. (2014). Learning and teaching global matters: Towards complexity, criticality, and multidimensionality, 3-7. In Montemurro, D., Gambhir, M., Evans, M., & Broad, K. (Eds.). Inquiry into practice: Learning and teaching global matters in local classrooms. Toronto: Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

Stewart Rose, L., & Evans, M. (Eds.) (2014). Deepening inclusive and community-engaged education in three schools: A teachers’ resource. Toronto: Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

Evans, M. (2013). Invited review of Teacher Education around the world: Changing policies and practices byy L. Darling-Hammond and A. Lieberman (Eds.). British Journal of Educational Studies. New York: Routledge, 1-4.

Evans, M. & Hawes, R. (2012). Planning for learning: Instrcutional perspectives and practices in higher education. Online module for the Higher Education Teaching Series, OISE, University of Toronto and the Knowledge Transfer Company, Coordinator Barbara Bodkin.

Rolheiser, C., Evans, M. & Gambhir, M. (Eds.). (2011). Inquiry into practice: Reaching every student through inclusive curriculum. Toronto: Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

Gambhir, M., Broad, K., Evans, M., & Gaskell, J. (2010). Characterizing Initial Teacher Education in Canada: Themes and issues. In K.G. Karras & C.C. Wolhuter (Eds.), International handbook of teacher education worldwide: Issues and challenges, Volumes 1 & 2, 599-628.

Evans, M., Ingram, L., MacDonald, A., & Weber, N. (2009). Mapping the global dimension of citizenship education in Canada: The complex interplay between theory, practice, and context.  Citizenship, Teaching and Learning, Volume 5 (2), 16-34.

Evans, M. (2008). Citizenship education, pedagogy, and school contexts. In J. Arthur, I. Davies, & C. Hahn (Eds.). International Handbook of Citizenship and Democracy. Sage, 519-532.

Research Grants and Contracts

Mark’s recently completed research studies and development projects include:
• UNESCO’s Global citizenship education: Topics and objectives guiding framework (UNESCO);
• Civic activism, engagement and education: Issues and trends, Special Edition for the Journal of Social Science Education (JSSE, Germany);
• OISE/Toronto District School Board’s inclusive & community engaged education 3-year pilot project (Toronto District School Board);
• Inquiry into Practice: Learning global matters in local classrooms (OISE and Toronto and GTA partner schools); and
• Educating for global citizenship in Canada (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council).

Some earlier studies and projects include:
• Inquiry into practice: Reaching every student through inclusive curriculum practices (Council of Ontario Directors of Education).
• Exploring global citizenship education as a framework for teaching about diversity in Canada and England (International Council for Canadian Studies International Research Linkage Programme);
• A review of literature on professional development content and delivery modes for experienced teachers (Ontario Ministry of Education);
• Active citizenship in INCA countries: QCA/NFER International Review of Curriculum and Assessment Frameworks (Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA), England);
• Civic education and democracy in Russia (University of Calgary/Gorbachev Foundation);
• Education for citizenship through teacher education: International mobility programme (Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC), Government of Canada and European Union (EU)); and
• Pakistan Teacher Education Project at the Aga Khan University, Karachi (Assorted Canadian and international funding agencies).

Professional Activities

Mark serves on a variety of administrative, advisory, and editorial councils, committees and boards and is a reviewer for different journals and curriculum reform initiatives (e.g., Ontario Education Minister's Curriculum Council; UNESCO’s Global Citizenship Education Experts’ Advisory Group; International Journal of Citizenship Teaching and Learning Editorial Committee; the Journal of Canadian and International Education Editorial Committee; ETFO's Educating for Global Citizenship Curriculum Inquiry Initiative; IED, Aga Khan University, Karachi).

Selected recent conference/seminar presentations include:

Evans, M. (November 2014). Educating for global citizenship: Perspectives, practices, and tensions. Webinar for the Institute of Education, University of London, the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/University of Toronto’s, and the Melbourne University Graduate School of Education, Melbourne’s first collaborative MasterClass, Globalization and Education: Culture, Identity, Rights and Democracy.

Evans, M. & Kiwan, D. (June 2014). Towards a Global Citizenship Education guiding framework: Initial considerations, UNESCO, Paris, France.

Evans, M. (March 2014). Chair, Panel: Teaching and learning global matters in local classrooms: Perspectives on infusing international and global understandings in the Ontario curriculum context. Revisioning Education for All, 58th Annual conference of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES), Toronto, ON.

Evans, M. (July 2013). Educating for a “global dimension” of citizenship in schools in Canada: Characterizations, shared tendencies and nuances in three metropolitan regions. East and West in Citizenship Education: Encounters in Education for Diversity and Democracy, Ninth citizED International Conference, Tokyo, Japan.

Evans, M., Broad, K., Gambhir, M. & Montemurro, D. (June 2013). The learning and teaching global matters in local classrooms project: Preliminary understandings (The Theory-Into-Practice Professional Learning Series. Roundtable. At the edge: Creating direction for peace and justice, CSSE 2013, University of Victoria, BC.

Corter, C., Evans, M., Joshee, R., & Maskell, B. (November 2011). Early childhood, diversity, leadership, and teacher education: Perspectives from Canada. APF/OISE Connections Seminar, Azim Premji University, India.