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Dame Nita Barrow Distinguished Visitorship (DNB)


Our 2014-15 Dame Nita Barrow Visitor is Poonam Kathuria, founder and Director of SWATI (Society for Women’s Action and Teaching Initiatives) in Gujurat, India.


Poonam will teach "Towards Equality: Women’s leadership, ways of organising, and advocacy for rights and justice through the lens of the Indian women’s movement"

AEC1132 Summer II 2014 Special Topics Graduate Course, AECD Program, OISE/UT. Six week course, Tues and Thurs evenings July 8-/August 14

Dates and room info to be confirmed on Course Schedule

This course will be taught in association with Poonam Kathuria, founder and Director of SWATI (Society for Women’s Action and Teaching Initiatives) in Gujurat, India, 2014 Dame Nita Barrow Distinguished Visitor at OISE. It will address major issues of women’s organising for equality through the lens of the Indian women’s movement from the mid 19th century through its resurgence in the 1970s to today.

The movement’s current strength is built on collective campaigns, alliance building, and solidarity with other social movements and with men in a masculinities perspective. The course will examine intersectionality and the powerful ways in which women’s movements have incorporated the plurality of issues faced by women. Differences between western feminism and feminism as it has evolved in South Asia and colonized societies will be explored.

Enrolment: OISE students use regular registration. Other UT graduate students pick up a form from OISE Registrar. You will need permission from your own faculty. Non-UT graduate students may apply through normal reciprocal arrangements with your institutions. Non-students contact Angela Miles at 416 978 0809 or angela.miles@utoronto.ca. Doctoral level enrollment and credit is available with permission of the Course Director.

For more information, contact Professor Angela Miles at angela.miles@utoronto.ca or 416 978 0809.


Poonam Kathuria will also give the 17th annual Dame Nita Barrow Lecture:

Changing Laws & Unchanging Statistics: Rape & Rape Laws in India with Reflections from Canada

July 22 2014, 7pm

George Ignatieff Theatre, 15 Devonshire Place, Toronto

Hosted by the Centre for Women’s Studies in Education and Adult Education and Community Development Program at OISE.