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Centre for Women's  Studies in Education
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Who We Are 

Jamie-Lynn Magnusson, Centre Head, Associate Professor

& Principal Investigator, RFR/DRF Journal, OISE, University of Toronto

Dr. Magnusson's work explores the intersections of adult and higher education, neoliberal economic policy, and globalization. Working from a feminist marxist perspective, her recent research documents how the financialized economy has been affecting women in their pursuit of higher education and their ability to negotiate economic, social, and cultural security. Working from her expertise in feminist and higher education studies, professor Magnusson's research contributes to discussions on adult education policy and community interventions in the area of women’s securitization.


Lorena M. Gajardo, CWSE Program Coordinator 


Joan Ohizua, CWSE Work-Study Student (2016/2017)


Women's Human Rights Education Institute (WHRI) Staff

Angela Lytle, WHRI Executive Director info@learnwhr.org

Angela Lytle, MEd, is the Executive Director of the annual Women’s Human Rights Education Institutes (WHRI) offered at the CWSE in collaboration with the Programa Justicia y Genero of Costa Rica. She received her MEd from OISE/UT in Adult Ed/Comparative, International and Development Education, and focused her research and practicum on human rights education and women’s human rights.  She is currently doing her PhD studies in the area of Embodied Learning and Women's Human Rights Education.  She is an educator and feminist activist who has worked extensively with survivors of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery in South Korea.

Hala Zabaneh, WHRI Communications Officer

Visit WHRI for more information.  


Resources for Feminist Research Journal (RFR/DRF):

Editorial Staff: 

Jamie-Lynn Magnusson, Associate Professor & PI, OISE, University of Toronto, Editor, RFR/DRF Journal

Lorena M. Gajardo, Editor, RFR/DRF Journal

Philinda Masters, Consulting Editor, RFR/DRF Journal

Visit RFR for more information


CWSE Senior Associates

Paula Bourne, CWSE Senior Associate, past CWSE Head

Paula's research and published work has focused on Canadian women’s history, contemporary issues facing Canadian women, gender and education. She has lectured and provided educational training on a variety of topics related to women’s issues and gender equity in education. She recently completed chairing an expert panel of Ontario educators brought together to develop resources for elementary teachers to help them identify, and provide support for students who are or maybe witnessing woman abuse at home. These materials are now being implemented with teachers, administrators and counselors across the province.

Her most recent publication is the co-edited collection, Women Teaching Women Learning (Inanna Press, 2006). Currrently she is co-authoring the 3rd edition ofCanadian Women: A History to be published by Nelson in 2010.

Peggy BristowPeggy Bristow, CWSE Senior Associate, past CWSE Research Officer

Peggy Bristow is the co-author of We're Rooted Here and They Can't Pull Us Up: Essays in African Canadian Women's History.  She is currently researching the history of black women self-organizing in Canada from the 1930s to 1960s.

Frieda FormanFrieda Forman, CWSE Senior Associate, founder and former Head of the Women's Education Resources Centre (WERC)

Frieda Forman helped establish the Women's Educational Resources Centre at OISE and has worked with the CWSE for nearly twenty-five years. 

Frieda's central research and writing interests have focused on the various manifestations of feminism and the women’s movement.  Her publications include:Taking Our Time: Feminist Perspectives on Temporality; with  Mary O’brien,Feminism and Education: A Canadian PerspectiveFound Treasures: Stories by Yiddish Women Writers; and Jewish Refugees in Switzerland: A Memoir of Childhood and History.  She continue to research and translate the works of important but forgotten Yiddish women writers.

Philinda Masters, CWSE Senior Associate and Consulting Editor of RFR/DRF Journal

Pam PattersonPam Patterson, CWSE Senior Associate & Director of WIAprojects (More information on WIAprojects)

Pam Patterson has, for 25 years, been active in both the art and movement communities. Her research has focused on embodiment in art practice, the "body" in art, disability politics and feminist art education with publications in multiple journals and presentations in conferences including the Feminism and Art Conference (Toronto). She has taught in movement and the arts for various institutions including the University of Toronto and the Art Gallery of Ontario.  Her current research explores performance and the body - media, movement and interpretation. As a performance and visual artist she has exhibited and performed across Canada, in the USA and Europe.

WIAprojects is composed of Pam Patterson PhD, Director, with Leena Raudvee and Mary Wright. Working collective members change on a yearly basis.  To contact WIAprojects email info@wiaprojects.com.



Nora Gold, CWSE Writer-in-Residence, CWSE Associate Scholar

Nora Gold

Nora Gold is a prize-winning author, researcher, and activist. She has written three books: The Dead Man (May 2016, with Inanna), Fields of Exile (winner of the 2015 Canadian Jewish Literary Award and praise from Cynthia Ozick, Phyllis Chesler, and others), and Marrow and Other Stories (winner of a Canadian Jewish Book Award and praise from Alice Munro). In addition, Dr. Gold is the founder and editor of the prestigious online literary journal Jewish Fiction.net.

Gold’s passionate and long-standing commitment to feminism has been expressed in her fiction, in her scholarly work, and in her activism. Her literary works all deal with the lives of contemporary women and girls, written from a feminist and critical perspective. In terms of her scholarship, Gold’s two most recent studies (both feminist in approach and both funded by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada) were (1) a nation-wide study of Canadian Jewish women and their experiences of sexism and antisemitism, and (2) a longitudinal study of Toronto Jewish girls, focusing on their identity development as Jewish and female.

For more details about Nora Gold, please visit her website.

As Writer-in-Residence at the CWSE, Dr. Gold hosts the Wonderful Women Writers series, where several times a year some of Toronto’s most exceptional women authors come to the Centre to give public readings of their work.


Senior Scholars

Sandra AckerSandra Acker

Sandra Acker is Professor Emerita in the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Social Justice Education, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. She has worked in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada as a sociologist of education, with interests in gender and education, teachers’ work, and higher education. Her recent research has focused on changes in academic work, university tenure practices, women academics in leadership positions, and doctoral student experiences. She is the author of Gendered Education (1994) and The Realities of Teachers’ Work: Never a Dull Moment (1999) and co-editor of Whose University Is It, Anyway? Power and Privilege on Gendered Terrain (2008), as well as numerous chapters and journal articles.     

Margaret Eichler

Alison Prentice

Dorothy E. Smith


Associate Artists

Leena Raudvee, CWSE Associate Artist, WIAprojects Collective, ARTIFACTS Co-Artistic Director

Leena Raudvee is a Toronto-based visual and performance artist. She has performed for festivals, in galleries, and on the street. In 2006, she presented "the fear of pleasure" at the Collisions Symposium in Victoria B.C., remounting it with a photographic installation in 2009 at the CWSE. In 2008, she exhibited “Storm 2”, performance-based collages and photographs at the Fleishman Gallery in Toronto. Leena Raudvee curates exhibitions, facilitates and assists with programs, and designs exhibition catalogues for WIAprojects.

Mary Wright, CWSE Associate Artist, WIAprojects Collective

Jamaican-born Canadian author Mary Wright is a singer, writer, poet, songwriter, and mother of four beautiful children. Mary’s accomplishments not only embody raising four children as a single mother but also include: her studies of Voice and Music Theory at the Royal Conservatory of Music; acting in theatre and films; and publishing three books of poetry and a novel. She also released a CD of spiritual and inspirational songs called The Shadow in 2002, and launched a children’s book called How Miriam Met Her Shadow in the spring of 2004. She continues to work tirelessly hosting, performing, and sharing her experiences through the written and fine arts for numerous social-cultural benefits. Mary resides in Toronto where she is currently working on two novels, her fourth book of poetry, and the second installation of her children’s book. As an ongoing collective member of WIAprojects she advises, acts as a mentor, and facilitates workshops and programming.


Associated Scholars

Sophia Rinaldis, CWSE Associated Scholar 

Sophia Rinaldis is currently completing a Masters in Social Work at the University of Toronto.  With an MSc in psychology, Sophia has gained extensive experience in mental health research working on the topic of suicide with various population groups (youth, Aboriginal peoples, service providers, etc.) Her interests lie in women's mental health, and the ways in which we can make health care delivery more equitable and accessible to vulnerable population groups.  Sophia will be developing a storytelling therapy group for refugee women who have experienced trauma. 

Yara Doleh, CWSE Associated Scholar

Yara Doleh joined the CWSE in November 2010.  Her research area is on the effects of menstruation on women: how menstruation has been perceived and understood throughout time and how women have managed our cycles at different stages of our lives.  

Doleh holds a BA in Archaeology from the American University of Beirut in Lebanon, and an MA in Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology from the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium.  She works as a research assistant at the Royal Ontario Museum and in the University of Toronto Archaeology Labs.

Marilyn Johncilla, CWSE Associated Scholar

Lishai Peel, CWSE Associated Scholar, Coordinator for Toronto Women's City Alliance (TWCA), collaborative group with the CWSE 

Lishai uses the power of the pen to connect, reflect, and educate. She was raised in Europe and the Middle East, but is a daughter of India’s diaspora. She has extensive experience working with culturally-sensitive alternative education youth programs and has worked with Unity Charity, the TDSB and with the City of Toronto to design and implement spoken word and leadership programming across the City. She has also represented Toronto in national and international spoken word competitions, most recently taking first place in the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word.  A lover of visual arts, Lishai has co-authored a poetic graphic novel - "Why Birds and Wolves Don't Trade Stones" - published in June 2013 by Graphic Poetics Press. She is currently working on a spoken word and music album. Poetry aside, Lishai is the coordinator of The Toronto Women's City Alliance and is a strong advocate for women's inclusion and equity in Toronto's diverse population. www.lishai.ca, @LishaiP

Susan Marie Turner, CWSE Associated Scholar

Susan Marie Turner, PhD is a researcher and educator in Institutional Ethnography. Her doctoral thesis, Municipal Planning, Land Development and Environmental Intervention: an Institutional Ethnography, received the 2004 OISE/UT Outstanding Thesis of the Year Award. She received the 2010 Dorothy E. Smith Scholar Activist Award from the Society for the Study of Social Problems Institutional Ethnography Division. The award recognized her contributions to IE in both her innovative strategy for visually mapping complex organizational work and institutional functions, and her collaborative scholar-activist work.

Dr. Turner was Coordinator of the SSHRC-funded Community University Research Alliance (CURA) Rural Women Making Change (2004-2009). Working with rural women’s organizations, the program addressed a range of policy, communications and government relations’ issues in Canada.

She was Sessional Instructor in International Development and Sociology at the University of Guelph (1994-2008) and Special Graduate Faculty (2005-2008).  Throughout 1999-2004 she also managed a large academic advising office.

Her most recent publication is

2011  Turner, Susan M. Texts and the Institutions of Municipal Government: The Power of Texts in the Public Process of Land Development, in Lindsay  Prior (Ed.) Using Documents and Records in Social Science Research, SAGE Publications Ltd. New Delhi. Vol.4.

Dr. Turner gives annual IE Mapping workshops at the CWSE as well as joint weeklong intensives and a workshop on incorporating texts into institutional ethnographies with Dorothy Smith. Click here for information on upcoming IE workshops at the CWSE


Feminist Studies Interdepartmental Liaisons

Kathy Bickmore, Curriculum Teaching and Learning

Bonnie Burstow, Adult Education and Community Development

Riva Joshee, Educational Administration

Niva Piran, Counselling Psychology 

Njoki Wane, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Social Justice