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ITCDF 2007

Instructional Technology Courseware Development Fund


  1. Carol Rolheiser, Associate Dean (Teacher Education, OISE)
  2. Jim Hewitt, Jim Slotta, Clare Brett (OISE & Knowledge Media Design Institute)
  3. Njoki Nathani Wane, Associate Professor (OISE)


ePortfolios | EduBlogger Bridging Technology Development

Dr. Carol Rolheiser, Associate Dean (Teacher Education, OISE)


  • Dr. Antoinette Gagne, Director (CTEP)
  • Dr. Kathy Broad, Program Director (Elementary)
  • Karen Sheppard, Program Director and Instructor (Secondary)
  • Leslie Stewart Rose, Lecturer (Curriculum & Instruction)


The main goal of this project is to develop a flexible pedagogical approach to promote student documentation and integration of learning. Our intention is to enhance the existing e-Portfolio functionality within Blackboard by developing new tools and links to other technologies. This project builds on the comprehensive strategy OISE has developed to leverage the Blackboard system by further adapting and extending the learning and content management functions to meet specific program delivery needs. Use of portfolios is integral to the Initial Teacher Education programs at OISE and is considered to be an important learning and teaching tool in the process of becoming a professional.

Blackboard’s e-Portfolio functionality was used this past year by the Concurrent Teacher Education Program and by the Year 1 teacher candidates in the 2-year Master of Teaching Program. Customized templates and corresponding instructional materials were developed and delivered via the web. Further enhancements, such as Podcasting and Screencasting, are currently being explored.

Work on this project has spurred the creation of an e-Portfolio working group at U of T that will explore current and future Blackboard functionality, as well as examine ways to introduce these tools into a range of portfolio efforts across the university. Students, instructors, and administrators alike have learned from this project’s success in enhancing e-Portfolio functionality.


A Casebook of Effective Information Technology
Teaching and Learning Practices

Jim Hewitt, Jim Slotta, Clare Brett
Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, OISE
Knowledge Media Design Institute

Project Partners:

Gale Moore, Director of the Knowledge Media Design Institute (Department of Sociology)
Avi Hyman, Director of Academic Computing (Faculty of Medicine)


We have developed an online casebook of "Technology Tips" designed for University of Toronto faculty. Each Technology Tip is a brief video tutorial that illustrates the effective instructional use of a particular technology. The materials have been designed to help instructors who have limited-to-moderate experience with computers. By following simple step-by-step on-screen instructions, faculty members can learn how to set up Discussion Areas for their classes, improve their PowerPoint presentations, use online Gradebooks, create course Wikis, and much much more.

The tutorials also include interviews from Educational Technology researchers who discuss the educational strengths and weaknesses of different online applications. Each video segment is hosted by Cheryl Madeira, a Ph.D. candidate at OISE who specializes in educational technology research. The Technology Tips can be viewed on the web, or downloaded onto iPods and other portable devices, from: http://innovations.oise.utoronto.ca/TechTips


Supporting Diversity through Teacher Education: Africa at a Glance

Dr. Njoki Nathani Wane, Associate Professor (OISE) 


The aim of the project is to preserve and disseminate the wealth of information that is not readily available in our school textbooks. Professor Njoki Wane at The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), conceptualized the idea of putting together the contributions of Africans in the areas of education, social cohesion, traditional knowledge, and culture since 2003. Her vision has now become a reality through the help of the Instructional Courseware Development Fund at UofT.

This courseware and repository created with the help and modification of OISE’s CMS, delivers these resources on Africa electronically for use by instructors in OISE’s B.Ed. programs and will also be available for other academic departments at the University of Toronto.

This flexible “course cartridge” provides K-12 curricular support, classroom ideas and information for preservice teacher candidates to spawn more inclusive lesson planning. Some of the questions this course cartridge addresses include: how such resources may be used in a regular math class, the social/emotional ramifications of the content or identifying existing personal and cultural biases.

We see this electronic resource growing each year as it is used for teaching and learning. It is a site that can be used as a stand alone or integrated with UofT’s Blackboard Learning Management system. Each country contribution is accompanied by an explanation. Creation stories provide the essence of the beginning of each nation. The artifacts representing the nations are but one aspect of what each country can offer to educators, learners, spectators, and visitors to the continent of Africa.

We strongly believe that this project will help highlight the rich cultures of Africa and Africans and will go a long way towards educating Canadians about Africa and the people of African ancestry. The project will officially launch in the fall of 2008 at: http://www.oise.utoronto.ca/africa