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Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation (CTSI) 

The Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation (CTSI) has a new website.  Consult their workshops section for their offerings.

CTSI Summer School - Aug 14, 2014
Our Instructor Summer School includes an interactive practical component; therefore, it is essential that you bring along a draft of...

CTSI Back-to-School: Setting the Tone for Success - the first class and beyond - Aug 26, 2014
This session will provide strategies for getting your course off to a great start, including what to do in the...

CTSI Back-to-School: Discussion Techniques to Support Active Learning - Aug 26, 2014
Looking for ways to spark student interest and stimulate active learning? “Classic studies over the last five decades have repeatedly...

CTSI Back-to-School: Myths and Realities about Grading - Aug 27, 2014
In this session, we will discuss a range of myths and misconceptions about institutional grading procedures. Participants will be...

CTSI Back-to-School: How to Keep Learning and Teaching on Track - Aug 28, 2014
The main purpose of formative assessment (assessment for learning) is to determine the next steps in learning. This session will...