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Entourage: Mac Client for UTORexchange

Handy pointers for faculty and staff

OISE Faculty and Staff - need some assistance using Entourage?   Consult one of the topics below:


Top Entourage Tips for OISE users

How do I insert the OISE logo into my e-mail signature?

Below are the top questions that OISE users have been asking about how to use the new Entourage 2008 email & calendar program:


How can I create a mailing list / distribution list in Outlook?

  • Please consult the Email Lists section in the Self-Help menu.


How can I filter my messages based upon a subscribed Listserv?




How do I insert the OISE logo into my e-mail signature?

In order to insert a graphic or logo into your e-mail signature, you will need to access the signature tool preferences with Entourage.

1) Access the Tools pull-down menu from within Entourage.

2) From the Tools pull-down menu, select the Signatures item.

3) On the Signatures screen, you can either modify the existing Standard signature or create a New signature. Double-click the Standard entry to open the Standard signature.

4) If you have not already done so, type in your signature details.


5) Insert a space before your text details by inserting the cursor before the double-dash and hit return/enter on your keyboard. Save a copy of the OISE logo by saving the image provided here OISE Logo. Once you have saved the logo and inserted a space, put your cursor in top left of the signature textbox. Select the Message pull-down menu, and choose the Insert > Picture option.


6) In order for the OISE logo to appear properly in your e-mail signature, your e-mail must be sent out in html format. You may get a dialogue box that prompts you to choose in which mode to send out your messages. If this happens, select Turn on HTML.

7) The Insert Picture option will let you browse the files saved to your computer. Browse on your computer to where you saved the OISE logo and select it. The logo should be inserted at the top of your signature and appear like the image below.




I would like to connect my Entourage to the UofT Global Address List.

There is an update to Entourage that will give you the ability to connect to the UofT Global Address List.  If you have not had the EWS update installed, please follow the directions on the UofT Exchange website:


You will be required to "Check for Updates" on your current version before proceeding.


How do I share my calendar with another user?

Entourage gives you the ability to share your calendar with other users on the UTORexchange system (OISE and other UofT users).

1. Open your calendar:

2. Select "Edit" from the top menu and then "Folder Properties".

3. Select the "Permissions" tab.

A typical Permissions screen will look like this:

You can grant access to other users, by clicking on the "Add User..." button and searching/selecting users from the global address list (GAL).

Once selected, highlight the person's name, and change the permission level.

Typical Permission Levels that you may want to grant someone are as follows:

Owner: Full Read & Write access to all items, including creating subfolders
Editor:  Read & Write access to all items
Author: Read access to all items & Write access to his or her own items
Reviewer: Read Access to all items

It is advised that you never change the permission level for the "Default" user (typically the first name listed).  The Default user is anyone who has a UofT exchange account.  If you give permissions to the default user, you are giving permission to anyone at UofT.

You can also share other elements within Entourage, like Mail sub-folders and Contact lists.  The same permissions menu will show up as long as you select the item you want and then go Edit -> Folder Properties" -> "Permissions" tab.



How do I open a calendar that someone has shared with me?

Before you can open another user's calendar, you must make sure they have granted your account at minimum "Reviewer" status.   (See instructions above for "How do I share my calendar with another user?")

1. To open another user's shared calendar, click on "File" from the top menu, and select "Open Other User's Folder":

2. Click on the Find User icon:

(You can also open other resources that someone may have shared with you
like Contacts - Address Book, and email sub-folders - Inbox)


3. Type the name into the search field at the top and click the "Find" button.  If you are unable to search for the user, you can try manually entering the information in the next step.

Highlight the name from the list and then click the "Advanced..." button:


The name and email address should appear.  If you were unable to search for the user, you can manually enter their information here.

In the "Server Address" field, type (or copy and paste) the following:


Remember to replace the email address with that of the user you are trying to connect to.

Click OK.  

A folder with their name should appear below your UTORexchange calendar in the left navigation pane.

To remove a shared calendar, highlight the calendar and hold the CTRL key while clicking your mouse on the calendar.  Choose "Remove from view".




Recall a Sent Message

Unfortunately, Entourage does not have the ability to recall a sent message.

Can I recall a message if I use Outlook?  Not always.  Outlook 2007 does have a "recall" feature, but its effectiveness is very limited.  For instance, it will not work when sending to an Entourage user.



Look up someone's schedule in Entourage (Free/Busy)

You can look up a user's schedule to see if they are available at a specific time.  You can only look up users from your contact list if they have an exchange account (@utoronto.ca).  If you select a contact for someone who is using an @oise address, it will not work.

1. Click on Contacts:

2. Double click on the person you wish to look up. 

3. Make sure you have selected a UTORexchange user.  This can be checked by looking at the person's email address.  It must be their @utoronto.ca address, not their @oise.utoronto.ca address. 

(If you do not have the proper contact listed with their @utoronto.ca address, please refer to the "How do I look up a person in the Global Address List?" section above to add them to your personal contacts.)

Click on the "Invite" button.  

Click on the "Scheduling" tab:


If you wish to actually schedule a meeting, you can Invite additional users by typing in their name.  Then, look at the row labeled "All Attendees".  You can scroll across to find a time when all attendees are available.  You can select a different time by clicking on the new time and moving the green and red bars (start & end times).



How can I access my email on the web when I'm out of the office?

Both PC and MAC users will access their email on the web via "Outlook Web Access":


Additional information can be found on the Web Access Tips page.