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Departmental Email Accounts - Setup/Configuration

Administrative / Non-Personal email accounts (@oise & @utoronto)

Staff and some Faculty at OISE may have a non-personal departmental email address setup (department@oise.utoronto.ca).  A UTORmail account can be setup in conjunction with your existing @oise email address.


Setup a new UTORmail account (by contacting the OISE Client Care Portal)

Before proceeding with any of these instructions, please ensure that you have contacted the OISE Client Care Portal to have your new UTORmail account created.  Please view our Migration Headquarters instructions for more information:



Configure Outlook to access UTORmail

If you have a departmental email address setup on UTORmail (@utoronto.ca), you can setup Outlook to access it.  Outlook will then be configured to send out email as your existing @oise departmental address through your UTORmail account. 

 1. Open up the UTORid management website [https://www.utorid.utoronto.ca/], and click on "get information".

 2. Enter UTORid and password of departmental UTORmail account.

 3. Look for the "IMAP (Incoming Mail) Server" line, and copy the server name beside it [mailbox###.utcc.utoronto.ca]

 4. Open Outlook

 5. Click on "Tools" and then "Account settings...".  Click the "New..." button.

 6. Click "Next >" (Leave the default "Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP" option selected.)

 7. Check the box that says "Manually configure server settings" and click Next >

 8. Click "Next >" (Leave the default "Internet E-mail")

 9. Complete the form with the appropriate information:

     Your Name:    the name that you want to be displayed when sending email from this account (eg. OISE department name)
     Email Address:    Your @oise.utoronto.ca address (or whatever "from" address you want to be shown)
     Account Type:    change to "IMAP"
     Incoming server:    enter the "mailbox###.utcc.utoronto.ca" server that you copied from the UTORid page in step 3.
     Outgoing server:    smtp.utoronto.ca
     User Name:    change to the "UTORid" username for the account
     Password:    the password assigned to the departmental UTORid username

It should look something like this:

10. Click on the "More Settings..." button

     Change the Mail Account name if you wish (this is for your own personal Outlook identification only - not for sending information)

     Click the "Outgoing Server" tab
     Check off "My outgoing server requires authentication" (leave as default "use same settings")
     Click the "Advanced" tab
     Incoming Server    - change "Use the following type" drop menu to "SSL"
            - change number to 993 (if it does not do so automatically)
     Outgoing server - change "Use the following type" drop menu to "TLS"
            - change number to 587
     Click OK

11. Click the "Test Account Settings..." make sure you have 2 green checkmarks.  If not, double check the settings.

12. Click "Next >", Click "Finish".

13. In Outlook, look for the new account (should be on the left side in the main "Mail Folders" section)

14. Click on "Tools" and then "Account settings...".  Choose the account you just setup (IMAP/SMTP) account.

15. Click the "Change..." button.

16. Click the "More Settings..." button.

17. Click the "Folders" tab.  Select "Choose an existing folder... to save sent items".  Click the plus [+] sign and highlight the "sent-mail" folder.  Click OK.

18. Click "Next >", Click "Finish", Click "Close".

A few things work a bit different for this account in Outlook as compared to your personal UTORexchange account.

  • When composing a new email message, look under the big "Send" button for another button called "Account".  Click that to choose to send mail from the other account.


  • Outlook handles deleted messages for Departmental Accounts similar to FirstClass where it marks the message for deletion, but you will need to manually "Purge Deleted Messages" to remove them from the inbox or mail folder. (In Outlook, click on "Edit" and then "Purge".)


Modify your @oise FirstClass account

This redirect process is the same as the redirect process for your personal account email migration.

1. Log into your FirstClass client (using the OISEnet account information for the Departmental account.) 

2. Click on your "MailBox"

3. Select "Collaborate" at the top, and choose "Rules..." from the pull-down menu

4. Delete any/all existing rules that you may already have set up for email messages.

5. Select "New Advanced Rule".

6. Under “If:” select “Always”, under “Then:” select “Redirect” and type your departmental @utoronto.ca email address (departmentname@utoronto.ca) beside “to”.  Click the 2nd Plus Sign on the right hand side.  From the new dropdown menu, select "Delete silently,".   Your finished rule should look like this:

7. Click the Save button and close out of FirstClass.  Send a test message to the @oise address and check that it arrives in the UTORmail account to verify everything is setup and working properly.


Notify the OISE Client Care Portal for permanent redirect.

Once your departmental account is setup and functioning properly, please contact the OISE Client Care Portal.  Indicate you have successfully configured your departmental account with Outlook and would like a permanent redirect setup for the @oise address.