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Environmental and Sustainability Education

About ESE at OISE

The Sustainability & Climate Action Network (SCAN), previously known as the Environmental & Sustainability Education (ESE) Initiative was founded in 2008 to broaden and deepen support for OISE’s institutional goal of Social and Ecological Responsibility, and help to establish OISE as a leader of ESE in Canada's Teacher Education programs. It provides a nexus for those at OISE interested in ESE to share information, co-develop events and programs, and work towards a greater level of sustainability in all that OISE does. It provides leadership and support in three key ways: through programming, advocacy, and research. It has an innovative collaboration with the Toronto District School Board, helping to provide professional learning for teachers involved in their EcoSchools Program. Most recently, it has organized OISE's Climate Action Summit, and led the creation of OISE's Sustainability & Climate Action Plan.


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