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Graduate Students' Association
Graduate Students' Association
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Welcome OISE Grad Students! Please see our office hours on the right for the Fall term.

We are your student union so if you have any questions or want to get more involved in social events, political agitations, or are just looking for a place to come and vent or relax please come by the GSA space on the eighth floor, room 8-105, between CUPE 3907 and the Internatonal Students' Association.

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Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/OISEGSA

Twitter Handle: @oise_gsa



Dear Authors from the 17th OISE Graduate Student Research Conference,
And Authors from previous years – if willing,

We invite those who have presented or have been scheduled but were unable to present at the 17th and Earlier GSRCs to consider submitting their research for an online publication with the University of Toronto Open Journal System (OJS) in one of four possible venues:
1. Volume 1 – papers, up to 3,000 words (negotiable)
2. Volume 2 – PowerPoint presentations, up to 20 slides (interactivity TBD)
3. Volume 3 – posters (PDF, png, and jpg file format)
4. Volume 4 – web space for 3 min. video/audio recordings of the gist of your work – cf. 3MT (3 min. thesis talks) rounds held for the past 3-4 years at the university

You are welcome to switch between media. For example, a poster can be submitted as a paper in Volume 1, and vice versa, and either of these formats can be submitted as a PowerPoint presentation in Volume 3, or a 3MPresentation in Volume 4. At this point, if you are not ready with your choice you can indicate which media you are considering.
You are also invited to indicate in what language or languages you want to publish your work: English or French or both, and either English or French as a parallel text for works in additional languages. This will help us organize multi-lingual feedback for your work.

Reviewing will take place in two formats:
1) Reciprocal Open Feedback – those submitting authors who wish to also be reviewers for the Proceedings of the 17th & Earlier OISE Graduate Student Research Conferences, are invited to help with providing feedback to their fellow submitting authors. We will need around 10 keywords describing the areas you consider yourselves best versed in and the language(s) in which you can i) read and check basic grammar and spelling, or ii)  provide more substantial feedback on style and argumentation.
2) Disciplinary-Peer Open Feedback – students advanced in their program, post-doc fellows, and faculty will be invited to help shape up your submissions to your best advantage as scholars-in-the-making.
Please email to the two Editorial Team Contacts lynne.alexandrova@mail.utoronto.ca and uthish.ganesh@mail.utoronto.ca your Notice of Intent to Publish, including:
1. Working Title (you can vary the title from the one announced in the Program)
2. Author(s), bio blurbs of approximately 100 words (to appear in the publication), and languages in which you intend to publish your work (and can review)
3. The Volume to which you wish to submit, or which ones you are considering at this point
4. Statement that your submission will not appear -- in identical form -- in another print or online publication, not counting personal web spaces such as websites and blogs, a.o. – Copyright considerations. Should you choose to publish in personal online spaces, you will be invited to acknowledge Official Publication in the Proceedings of the OISE Graduate Student Conferences.

NB! You can also submit the conference version of your work, which will definitely facilitate meeting the intended Publication date – August or September. You should be receiving acknowledgement of your Notice within 24 hours, if you don’t, please email.
Please note that the Timeline of the Proceedings preparation will depend on the number of submissions and the number and availability of people who volunteer to provide peer feedback, including for (i) English-only contributions and (ii) bilingual ones in French and Additional Languages, with a parallel text in English.

We have the Proceedings Project approval of this year’s Conference Co-chairs Deidre-Ann K. Gardener and Christopher V. Caldwell, and have received encouragement by the OISE Academic Planning Student Experience Committee Meeting on April 10th, 2017, and also by OISE PhD graduates teaching at various universities, some of whom have offered support for the project.

NB! Please note that in view of the Extension to Past Conferences we’re adopting a Case-per-Case TIMELINE approach & will be accepting/processing submissions
on a rolling basis -- until Further Notice.

Cordially from our Team of Co-editors--

Lynne Alexandrova, PhD Program-SJE      David Hershler Fournier, MT Program-CTL      Priya Gill, MT Program-CTL                            Fatema Isam, MT Graduate-CTL
Stephanie Sadownik, PhD Program-CTL    Julia Antonini, MT Program-CTL
Uthish Ganesh, MT Program-CTL             David Hung, PhD Program-CTL
Abbey Ramdeo, MT Program-CTL             Umar Keoni Umangay, PhD Program-SJE

In collaboration with: Language consultants; OISE-graduated faculty members, OISE Post-docs as Mentors

Muriel Fung Student Appreciation Award 2017

Congratulations to the two Muriel Fung Student Appreciation Award winners! These two students truly represented the spirit of this award through their outstanding dedication to the OISE community. Their work has not only encouraged community development, but has improved the lives of the students at OISE. Congratulations to Caitlin Campisi and Anthony Briggs! 


Anti-Harassment Statement

Discrimination and harassment are illegal practices under the Ontario Human Rights Code. OISE’s Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) is committed to ensuring that all members are free from harassment and discrimination. Executive members of the GSA have the right to refuse communication of its members if the Executive member feels threatened. Harassment and discrimination denies Executive members their right to fully participate in their role as student leaders. Any GSA member has the right to contact authorities in emergency situations and to report harassment to Human Resources and Community Safety offices. In order to ensure that all communication remains professional and respectful, please only email Executive members to their GSA email, not personal emails. 


Digest Listserv

The GSA publishes a new, weekly, listserv to keep OISE graduate students up to date on current events at the GSA and announcements by the Graduate Student Union.  Students have the option of opting-in or out of this listserve.  

If you have anything to add to the listserv, email it by Tuesday to go out the following day, to president.gsa@utoronto.ca.

Please note postings will be edited for space and clarity, if needed.

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