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Collaborative Doctoral Program in Human Development

CPIHDThe Collaborative Doctoral Program in Human Development (CPHD) is an integrative, transdisciplinary program that brings together PhD students from diverse backgrounds to approach human development problems from a holistic perspective. The program is structured to facilitate collaboration across academic "silos" and train students to "speak the language" of other disciplines. There is also a strong emphasis on knowledge translation, reflecting FMIHD's commitment to catalyzing real change for children.

The program will begin in September 2014 and is open to any PhD student already enrolled in a participating degree program, in any year of their program.  Students who complete it will receive a notation on their transcript.

This year, the program's core course will run on Wednesdays from 2-5pm. The location is: Faculty of Social Work, 246 Bloor Street West; Room: 218

The CPHD will add value to your educational experience through a core course, a seminar series and annual research day, emphasizing breadth of knowledge and cross-disciplinary communication.
The focal point of the program is the core course, Pluralistic Human Development, a half-course offered in the fall that can be taken as an elective in all participating programs.  This means that the course is not in addition to the course requirements for your PhD degree. The course’s case-based and team-oriented approach will be incredibly useful in helping you gain a strong breadth of knowledge in human development, develop teamwork skills with individuals in other disciplines, and enhance skills in writing scientific material for public audiences. These skills will be invaluable for a variety of job opportunities, including in academia, medicine/psychiatry, education, policy making, and more.  Please see the attached course syllabus for more information.

How to Apply

To be considered for a spot in the CPHD, students must (i) already be accepted in a participating PhD degree program at the University of Toronto, and (ii) submit the following to cp.humandevelopment@utoronto.ca:

  • A resume or CV
  • A 1-2 page essay explaining the student's interest in the program, and how his/her research is related to early human development or areas that intersect with early human development
  • 2 letters of recommendation from faculty members who comment on the students academic ability, potential as a researcher, and fit within the collaborative program

Please download and complete the CPHD Application Form, and submit it along with the above requirements to cp.humandevelopment@utoronto.ca to apply now!

Take a look at our brochure for more information   Syllabus for the core course of the collaborative program






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