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The Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study Laboratory School cultivates and strengthens relationships with the wider educational community through research and collaboration. The laboratory school principals and teaching staff attend and speak at workshops, conferences, and seminars locally, nationally, and internationally, and maintain partnerships with the laboratory school community. The Laboratory School is also a member of the International Association of Laboratory and University Affiliated Schools (IALS), and the American Educational Researchers Assocation (AERA).

Below are links to our affiliated organizations and schools.

  • International Association of Laboratory and University Affiliated Schools (IALS) http://www.laboratoryschools.org/
    Jackman ICS Principal Richard Messina and retired Principal, Elizabeth Morley, sit on its Executive Board. Lab School teachers have received IALS grants and awards for their teaching and research and are frequent contributors at IALS conferences.

  • National Association of Independent Schools   www.nais.org
    Jackman ICS teachers have presented workshops at Annual Conferences in 2008, 2009, and 2010, and 2011.

  • American Educational Researchers Assocation (AERA) www.aera.net
    Jackman ICS teachers present research papers at Annual AERA Conferences. 

  • Klingenstein Centre www.klingenstein.org
    Jackman ICS shares a strong partnership with the Klingenstein Centre, a Teachers' College at Columbia University, New York. Principal Richard Messina has lead the Klingenstein Summer Institute for Early Career Teachers, Elementary Section since 2006.

    Retired Principal Elizabeth Morley is co-editor of Klingbrief, an electronic publication of recommended articles, websites, and books selected by and for independent school educators. 
  • Holland Bloorview Integrated Kindergarten Program (IKP)
    Jackman ICS has a satellite program in partnership with Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. For more information about the IKP, please click here.

  • Scadding Court www.scaddingcourt.org
    Jackman ICS assists in the preparation of participants in Scadding Court's Outer Limits Program, an opportunity for community youth to travel to developing countries to teach English Language Learners. As well, the school welcomes participants in the Slice Program, offering career path practicum for young adults.

  • Kobe Shinwa Women's University, Kobe Shinwa, Japan
    Jackman ICS has a 10+ year parternship with the Education Faculty at KSWU who bring education students and researchers from Japan to the Laboratory School each year, and invite reciprocal visits.

  • Zhejiang Preschool's Teachers' Training School, Hangzhou, China
    Jackman ICS has a partnership of exchange and research with laboratory school colleagues in Hangzhou, China.

  • Natural Curiosity  www.naturalcuriosity.ca
    A resource for teachers, Natural Curiosity is a new environmental education resource published by The Laboratory School at the Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study. Through the work on this resource and its companion guide, Jackman ICS has strengthened partnerships with the Ministry of Education, Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario (ETFO), the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), and public elementary schools across Ontario.
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