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Prospective MA Students

Do you want to be a teacher? Do you have a passion for education and the curiosity to learn more about children through research and theory? If so, we invite you to consider our program, which offers both elementary teacher certification (JK - Grade 6) and a Master of Arts degree. Our program is well-suited to individuals interested in child-centered, evidence-informed teaching and the potential pursuit of a doctoral degree.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Details to come for Fall, 2014.

Welcome prospective Child Study and Education MA students!

Please choose among the links to the left for information on the admissions process, to access information about the structure of our program and its requirements and to view sample schedules.


In preparing to apply to our program, please note the following:

  • Both experience with children and grades are taken into consideration when processing applications.

  • Paid work experience managing groups of elementary school aged children is advantageous in terms of admission. It is important to demonstrate that you want to be a teacher and that you have worked in positions of responsibility. Any experience with children, both paid work and volunteer work, is important and should be included in your application.

  • If you will have completed an appropriate undergraduate degree (typically a 4-year degree) from a recognized university with at least a mid-B average in the final year (73-76%) by our program start date in September, you will meet the minimum academic admission standard. Higher grades will raise an applicant's ranking. 

  • Your undergraduate degree need not be in Psychology. Varied backgrounds - academic and otherwise - are welcome.
  • The Registrar’s Office will look at the average from your final year of study – so fourth year if your degree is complete or third year if you're in the final year of your program. 

  • Note that your Bachelor’s degree is the “admitting degree”, the only one that will be assessed by the Registrar’s Office. Any additional education may be regarded favourably, but will not be factored into your academic assessment.  

  • The liberal arts/science content (or academic course content) in your undergraduate degree must be 75% or greater. Courses with a significant professional training component, practical component, studio component, performance component or sports component are not counted as liberal arts.

  • If your Bachelor’s degree was completed on a part-time basis, the Registrar’s Office will typically look at your average from the five most recent academic, senior-level full courses, or full-course equivalents.  Students enrolled in fewer than four full course equivalents in their last academic year – including Summer Session – are considered part-time.

  • Elementary school teachers teach all subjects. You are not required to identify "teachable" subjects as part of your application.

  • If you haven't yet completed an undergraduate course in child development, it is recommended.  Otherwise, you will have to complete one as an elective should you be accepted into the program.
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