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LHAE Faculty by Program

The Educational Leadership & Policy program is devoted to the study and development of policy, leadership, change, social diversity, and ethics and values in education. Higher Education specializes in the study of universities, community colleges, and other post secondary institutions, the relationship between these institutions and the broader society in which they operate, and the nature of what takes place inside these institutions. In Adult Education our primary interest is in supporting and fostering learning which occurs beyond, alongside and within formal institutionally-defined curricula.

Chair and Graduate Chair: Professor Nina Bascia

Associate Chair: Professoe Peter Sawchuk

Adult Education and Community
Development Program

Burstow, Bonnie 
Desai, Chandni 
Magnusson, Jamie 
Manion, Carly 
McCready, Lance 
Miles, Angela 
Mirchandani, Kiran 
Mojab, Shahrzad 
Mundy, Karen 
Quarter, Jack 
Ryan, Sherida
Sawchuk, Peter 
Sumner, Jennifer 
Vieta, Marcelo


Educational Leadership & Policy

Anderson, Stephen
Bascia, Nina
Campbell, Carol
Childs, Ruth
Chmielewski, Anna Katyn
Davies, Scott
lessa, Joseph
Joshee, Reva
Lopez, Ann
Portelli, John

Ryan, Jim
Stewart, Coleen
Zuker, Marvin


Higher Education

Buckner, Elizabeth
Childs, Ruth
Hayhoe, Ruth
Hildyard, Angela
Janzen, Katharine
Jones, Glen
Muzzin, Linda
Sa, Creso
Waterman, Stephanie
Wheelahan, Leesa