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Additional Qualifications Online Application System

You may use this system to:

  • Apply for Additional Qualifications courses
    (Note that a valid email address and credit card are required)
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LHAE Faculty & Staff

With more than 30 faculty members researching, writing and teaching about a wide variety of subjects, LHAE combines theory and practice enabling students to cope with the demands of modern education both in Canada and internationally.  Our dedicated administrative staff members support the Department’s programs and other functions by providing administrative and policy expertise to students and faculty.

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Anderson, Stephen
Bascia, Nina
Buckner, Elizabeth
Burstow, Bonnie
Campbell, Carol
Childs, Ruth      
Chmielewski, Anna Katyn
Davies, Scott
Flessa, Joseph
Hayhoe, Ruth
Hildyard, Angela
Janzen, Katharine
Jones, Glen
Joshee, Reva
Lopez, Ann 
Magnusson Jamie
Manion, Carly
McCready, Lance

Miles, Angela (on leave)
Mirchandani, Kiran
Mojab, Shahrzad
Mundy, Karen
Muzzin, Linda
Portelli, John
Quarter, Jack
Restoule, Jean-Paul
Ryan, Jim
Ryan, Sherida
Sa, Creso
Sawchuk, Peter
Stewart, Coleen
Sumner, Jennifer 
Vieta, Marcelo

Waterman, Stephanie
Wheelahan, Leesa

Zuker, Marvin


Bacon, Joanne
Bajic, Vesna 
Bedasie, Joanne
Burt, Keegan

Clarke, Taleah
Dangoy, Gina
Dinsdale, Karen

Szymanski, Karolina 



Members Emeriti

Acker, Sandra
Chambers, Tony
Davis, John E.
Fullan, Michael
Gamlin, Peter
Gaskell, Jane
Hickcox, Edward S.
Jackson, Nancy
Kilbourn, Brent
Laiken, Marilyn
Lang, Dan
Lawton, Stephen B. 
Leithwood, Ken
Mascall, Blair

Mussela, Donald F.
O'Sullivan, Edmund
Padro, Susan
Seller, Wayne 
Skolnik, Michael
Stiegelbauer, Suzie
Townsend, Richard G.

Faculty smiling at panel