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About Leadership, Adult and Higher Education

The Department of Leadership, Adult and Higher Education is the 6th largest graduate department at the University of Toronto and represents the convergence of several discrete professional and social science discipline-based programs, linked by their common strong commitment to the social foundational aspects of education.

Scholars in the Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education are engaged in a range of theoretical and practical fields: leadership and administration, policy and change, social diversity and community engagement. Themes running through our research and teaching include equity and social justice, professional education, policy studies, educational leadership and organizations and adult learning within institutions and settings. We develop and organize collaborative programs in support of particular research areas of interest including those in policy, international development education and workplace learning. This field ties into work at multiple levels, elementary, secondary and higher education systems of colleges and universities, and extends into larger communities, both locally and internationally. LHAE is home to the following core programs and their associated collaborative programs:

Core Programs
• Educational Administration
• Higher Education
• Adult Education

Collaborative Programs
• Educational Policy
• Comparative, International and Developmental Education
• Workplace Learning and Social Change

The department houses four Research Chairs: a Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Educational Leadership; an Ontario Research Chair (ORC) in Postsecondary Policy and Measurement, the endowed Davis Chair in Community College Leadership and a Canada Research Chair in Global Governance and Comparative Educational Change. It is also the base for three research centres: the International Centre for Educational Change; Centre on Leadership and Diversity and Centre for the Study of Students in Postsecondary Education.

The academic staff consists of scholars with strong international reputations in their fields as well as a number of highly regarded educational system leaders and builders.

LHAE students represent a range of professional backgrounds, primarily but not exclusively in the educational sector, and most have as their professional goals; practitioner, academic, and policy making/administrative careers. Students come from many countries as well as from surrounding school districts: recent students, for example, are from Brazil, Kenya, Namibia, China, Iran, India, Pakistan, the US, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Nunavut and Newfoundland.

Graduates to date include academics in a number of US and Canadian universities as well as those occupying senior administrative positions such as superintendent, research officers and curriculum assessment officers in school districts.