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Adult Education and Community Development


Program Coordinator: Professor Jamie Magnusson

About us

We are one of the largest and oldest graduate programs in Adult Education, and we enjoy an international reputation for our critical and interdisciplinary approach to the field. Our multi-disciplinary program develops community capacities and mobilizes leaders and organizations concerned with justice, equality and sustainability.  As such, the program offers courses in four broad areas of emphasis designed to demonstrate the range of learning available to students.

We make links between global policy interests in lifelong learning beyond schooling, and its practice. Our primary interest is in supporting and fostering learning which occurs beyond, alongside and within formal institutionally-defined curricula. This catalytic learning, which is often informal, forms the bedrock of vibrant, engaged communities which in turn creates opportunities for growth and facilitates equity for all individuals and groups, including those who are marginalized or disenfranchised. Communities exist and can be sustained through adult learning in a variety of settings such as civil society organizations, workplaces and schools.

Our program structure ensures excellence in student experience by ensuring exposure to both the breadth of the field and providing students with the opportunity to develop an in-depth focus.  The program is one of a kind in combining adult education with community development, giving it a mandate that emphasizes enhancing ties to external communities, both locally and globally.

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* AECD courses begin with LHA11** and LHA31**