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Areas of Emphasis

Aboriginal/Indigenous Education | Community Development and Social Justice | Global and Comparative Education | Workplace Learning and Change

The program's offered courses can be categorized into four Areas of Emphasis as a guide for student course selection. Students are free to select courses throughout these areas, as well as courses in other programs or departments.

Synergies between these areas of emphasis are highlighted in two core courses: Introduction to Adult Education, and, Introduction to Community Development.  Faculty teaching and research also cut across these areas. In addition to the required courses, students can take courses across streams or select courses so that their courses fall within one or more areas of emphasis.

Aboriginal/Indigenous Education & Global and Comparative Education - Involve the exploration of learning within formal educational institutions as well as in a variety of other settings.

Community Development and Social JusticeWorkplace Learning and Change - Focus primarily on learning that occurs outside of formal educational institutions, specifically in workplaces and community settings                                                                                                       

Aboriginal/Indigenous Education

The Aboriginal/Indigenous Education area underscores the value and diversities of Indigenous knowledges that demonstrate the conception of educational experience as lifelong holistic processes. Education is understood to encompass a spectrum of experiences from the local cultural/spiritual and geographic to international relationships across the world.

To learn more please refer to the OISE Bulletin

Community Development and Social Justice

Courses in the Community Development and Social Justice area focus on popular education, collective action, social justice, peace, sustainability and planetary survival. They frame community learning, development and activism as a complex, multifaceted social, economic, political, cultural and spiritual endeavour.

To learn more please refer to the OISE Bulletin

Global and Comparative Education

Courses in the Global and Comparative Education area will be of interest to students from Canada and abroad who wish to understand issues of adult learning, community development, social movement organizing, and participatory approaches to citizenship learning and participation in other countries and cultures and internationally.

To learn more please refer to the OISE Bulletin

Workplace Learning and Change

Courses in the Workplace Learning and Change area attract educators and other practitioners and researchers from private, public and not-for-profit sectors including labour unions and cooperatives. They engage students in two broad themes: a transformative analysis of the workplace and an examination of alternative approaches to workplace design.

To learn more please refer to the OISE Bulletin