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EdD Cohort in Educational Leadership & Policy at UTM
The Educational Leadership & Policy Program offers an EdD cohort designed for working educators, commenced in September 2015.
Note: This cohort is set up to increase accessibility for students living west of the city. Most core corses will be offered at the University of Toronto, Mississauga.

The EdD program in Educational Leadership & Policy is a cohort-based program intended to develop
highly competent leaders for senior administrative positions in school systems, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions (such as the Ministry of Education). The program is specifically designed to help working professional educators develop the intellectual and research skills to refine their practice as leaders in school systems and in higher education. Candidates for this program have the opportunity to undertake a significant academic accomplishment while continuing to work in their current roles.
The focus of the program is on advanced, theory-informed, professional practice and accordingly, this program values the world of practice as a rich field for research and reflective practice. Reflective practice is used as the lens through which advanced theory and research on policy, leadership, change, and social diversity are applied to practical administrative problems. The program is designed to satisfy the needs of leaders who recognize the need for further professional inquiry and analysis to deal with the increasing complexity of problems related to the operation of educational organizations. Through their studies in this program, candidates will seek to understand theory, make research-informed decisions, examine their own practice, critically evaluate policy, and engage others in collaborative endeavours to improve student learning.
Candidates for this program may be from higher education, elementary and secondary schools, and other educational institutions. Diversity is valued and encouraged in order to build wider understandings of the work in educational leadership across organizations. Candidates should be aware that this program takes a minimum of three years to complete and includes a thesis requirement.
Key aspects of the EdD program include the following:
-          Cohort: The program is cohort-based in order to encourage the development of networking and communication skills, to build a collegial community of practice and quality connections between students and faculty.
-          Sequence: In order to support the cohort model, there is a specified sequence to the recommended courses,
-          Practice: The courses are based in the practice of educational leadership and policy and focus on reflective practice. Knowledge and theory are applied to address issues and problems the administrators are facing in their work.
-          Research: This program encourages candidates to lead future research and evaluation work in educational settings. There is, in addition, a strong reflective practice basis to the course offerings, including one practicum course.
When it will start: September 2015

Admission Requirements:

For Minimum Admission and Degree requirements please check the OISE Bulletin
In addition to the general requirements given in the Minimum Admission and Degree Requirements, the Educational Leadership & Policy program specifies the following for admission to the Doctor of Education program:
  • The applicant should hold a Master’s degree with specialization in Educational Leadership & Policy or an equivalent degree. A qualifying research paper (QRP) will be required.
  • The applicant must be in a successful leadership position in education; or must have held a leadership position successfully; or must demonstrate potential for leadership. Evidence of this will be provided by at least one letter of reference that the applicant secures from a senior administrator to whom the applicant has reported, commenting on the applicant’s achievement in identifying and solving educational problems; ability to lead others; accomplishments; and awareness of current social and educational issues. A curriculum vitae must be submitted.
  • The applicant must also submit at least one letter of reference from a professor under whom he/she has studied, commenting on the applicant’s scholarly achievement.

Degree Requirements:

The EdD degree program is organized into five complementary components:

1. EdD core courses are five mandatory half courses:
LHA3040H    Administrative Theory and Educational Problems I: People and Power in Organizations (applies theory and research to problems of people, power, and policy in organizations)
LHA3041H    Administrative Theory and Educational Problems II: Doctoral Seminar on Policy Issues in Education (examines the content, development, and significance of educational policy)
LHA3042H    Field Research in Educational Administration (a field research course where students examine methods of field research, action research and case studies in educational administration)
LHA3044H    Internship/Practicum  in Educational Administration (there are three options – all three practical experiences have the same structure: a reflective practice core, an authentic growth problem, and work with a mentor/mentee)
LHA3047H    Research Seminar on Research in Authentic Settings (the focus is as a participant in the research – reflective practice and/or action research)
2. Three other half courses, one of which must be at the 3000-level;
3. Successful completion of a comprehensive examination;
4. A thesis proposal hearing;
5. A doctoral thesis, one component of which may be a document of the kind used in the field, such as a policy document or policy handbook, white paper or restructuring plan.

Course Offerings:
For a complete list of current Educational Leadership & Policy courses visit the Registrar's Office

EdD Cohort Program Timetable:

Date Course code Course Title Location  
Sept 2015 3040 Admin Theory and Ed Problems I Mississauga  
Jan 2016 3041 Admin Theory and Ed Problems II Missisauga  
May/June 2016   Elective OISE  
Sept 2016   Elective OISE  
Jan 2017 3042 Field Research in Ed Admin Mississauga  
May/June 2017   Elective OISE  
Sept 2017 3047 Research Seminar Mississauga  
Jan 2018 3044 Practicum    
    Comprehensive Exams    
    Proposal Hearings    
    Final Orals    

Delivery Mode:

Most of the core courses for the cohort will be offered at the Mississauga campus of the University of Toronto. Electives will be offered either at OISE, or online. This provides an opportunity for students to work with others beyond their cohort.

For more information contact:

Dr. Coleen Stewart, EdD Cohort Coordinator
Email: coleen.stewart@utoronto.ca