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Educational Leadership and Policy

Online/Hybrid Master of Education (MEd)
2018 Cohort

See the poster
Application Due Date: November 15, 2017*
NOTE: It is essential that applicants to the Online/Hybrid Cohort state this interest in their Statement of Intent. 

The Educational Leadership and Policy Program is excited to be offering a third online/hybrid MEd Cohort that will be accessible to students throughout the province of Ontario and beyond.  The academic rigor and practical utility of this Master’s program is enhanced by a cohort approach, specifically designed for an online learning community.  Students will be engaged in exploring questions of leadership, policy, change and social diversity in schools, linking theory to practice in their own work environments. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn together with students located in a very wide variety of contexts!

Building on the success of our prior MEd Cohorts in promoting inquiry and professional growth, OISE is pleased to be offering this hybrid approach to learning again for an online community.

Program Details:

• This cohort is based in the Educational Leadership and Policy Program in the Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education at OISE
• Students earn a Masters of Education (MEd) degree via 10 courses
• In this part-time degree program, students take just one course a term
• This is a cohort format: students will take most courses as a group
• Program start September 2018, and ends August 2021
• No thesis or major research paper required; students wishing to go on to doctoral work will discuss their options with the course coordinator.
• 6 courses (4 core courses and 2 electives) will be offered in set terms specifically for cohort members (schedule below).
• 4 courses are open electives, chosen by each student individually; these can be taken online or face-to-face

2018 Cohort Course Schedule:

Fall 2018: LHA1040 Ed Admin I: Policy, Leadership, and Change (online)
Winter 2019: LHA1041 Ed Admin II: Social and Policy Contexts of Schooling (online)
Spring 2019:   Elective Course
Summer 2019:  Elective Course
Fall 2019:  LHA1004 Research Literacy in Educational Leadership & Policy (online)
Winter 2020:  Elective Course
Spring 2020:   LHA1042 Educational Leadership and Diversity (this elective course will be offered online for the Cohort)
Summer 2020: elective Course
Fall 2020:   Elective Course
Winter 2021:  LHA1029 Special Applications of Educational Leadership and Policy (this course will be offered online for the Cohort)
Spring 2021: LHA1050 Issues in Policy, Leadership, Change and Social Diversity in Schools (online)
Summer 2021: Elective Course

NOTE: There are 6 sessions available to complete 4 open electives.  

All Educational Leadership and Policy MEd students are accepted into a course-only program.  For those who would like to go on and do a doctoral program, students may apply to switch to a program option that includes a major research paper or thesis. This switch normally takes place after the student has completed three or four courses.  Students making this switch may finish the program at a different time.

*The application window is open for 2018. The main application deadline for admission in the 2018 Fall Session is Tuesday November 15, 2017. Please submit your application plus required supporting documents by November 15. However, admissions will stay open/pending after November 15. Nonethless, applicants are encouraged to apply by November 15, 2017 for doing so increases your chance of acceptance. For more info on applicaiton process and application closing dates visit OISE Office of the Registrar and Student Services

For more information on the MEd Online/HybridCohort contact:

LHAE Program Assistants
Email: lhae.pa@utoronto.ca
Tel: 416 978-1251


Coleen Stewart, PhD
MEd Program Coordinator
Educational Leadership and Policy
OISE/University of Toronto
Tel: 416 978-1182
Email: coleen.stewart@utoronto.ca

The Educational Leadership & Policy Program invites applications from educators to explore questions of leadership, policy, change and social diversity in schools.


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