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Student Ethical Reviews

LHAE Procedures

You cannot begin any research that involves human subjects until the Educational Research Ethics Board (EREB) gives you written approval. The EREB is administered by the University of Toronto Research Services (UTRS). In order to get approval to conduct your thesis or MRP, you need to submit an Ethical Review Protocol. You should work closely with your supervisor to develop your protocol. 

Optional: Your supervisor may recommend that you submit your protocol for pre-review by Dr. Michelle Goldberg, the Departmental Ethical Review Coordinator at michelle.goldberg@utoronto.ca It will be your responsibility to email your protocol to Dr. Goldberg, who will review it within two weeks, and send both you and your supervisor an email with comments and changes she believes are necessary for EREB approval. 

Before you can submit your protocol to the EREB it must be signed by you, your Thesis Supervisor, and the LHAE Department Chair. It is your responsibility to sign your protocol and obtain your supervisor’s signature. You must next submit the signed protocol (either a printed or electronic copy will be accepted, but it must already have both your and your supervisor’s signatures) to one of the Program Assistants, who will obtain the Department Chair’s signature and will send a scan of the protocol to the EREB. Please submit your signed protocol to the Program Assistant by 5:00pm on Wednesday for receipt by the EREB by the next Monday. It could take between 4-6 weeks for a delegated review (i.e., if there is no or minimal risk to participants) by the EREB, and longer if full review is required. The EREB will send you and your supervisor an email with additional comments or revisions if required. You need to make the revisions and return the revised review to the EREB directly.

Please note:  General instructions, forms, and procedures will be updated periodically so you should consult the UTRS (forms) and Instructions for the newest forms before you complete your submission. Other sources for information about Student Ethics Review include:

1. a letter outlining section by section what to include and common omissions or errors in typical protocols. (Protocol section details)
2. a sample consent form, checklist and a guide for its completion
3. a guide for informed consent from the EREB
4. an approved sample completed protocol

Currently, all graduate students should use the newest forms before you complete your submission.

Other sources for information about Student Ethics Review include:

Once the protocol has been approved, EREB will notify you, your supervisor, and the Registrar's Office.

If you make any changes to your research process you will need to complete the amendment form here.

Please note that ethics approval from a U of T Research Ethics Board is valid for one year. To comply with the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans, the Ethics Review Unit requires the following to enable researchers to update their ethics approval:  

  1. Annual Renewal of Ethics Approval:  If your research extends beyond one year, you will be required to renew your ethics approval for the study. 
  2. Study Completion Reporting:  Once your study is completed, you will need to submit a Study Completion Report to close your file.
  3. Any proposed changes to an approved research project requires submission of an Amendment Request.

The appropriate form needs to be submitted two weeks in advance of the protocol expiry date to ensure continuous coverage of your ethics approval.

Program Assistants contact info:

Email: lhae.pa@utoronto.ca
Tel: 416 978-1251
Front Desk, 6th floor