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Additional Qualifications Online Application System

You may use this system to:

  • Apply for Additional Qualifications courses
    (Note that a valid email address and credit card are required)
  • Check the registration status of your application
  • Update your current contact information

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Direct Deposit System on ROSI


The Student Web Service on ROSI has an option to allow registered students to enter their banking information. This will allow students to have their awards, scholarships, grants, bursaries, and tuition/residence refunds to be deposited directly into their bank account rather than receiving a cheque.

It is a fairly simple process to add your banking information on ROSI. After you log in, press Personal Information and then click on Direct Deposit. Simply follow the instructions. Access to a student's bank account details is restricted to the student (via the SWS) and staff members authorized to initiate student account refunds.

While this service is optional, we hope that many students will sign on. Funds may be received more quickly and securely. In addition, students will have easier access to their funds if they are off-campus.

Questions regarding the direct deposit service should be directed to Student Accounts at info.studentaccount@utoronto.ca or 416-978-2142.


For further information, please feel free to email: