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Additional Qualifications Online Application System

You may use this system to:

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  • Wednesday, December 17 - 5:00 - 7:00 PM
    Medicine Teaching series by Traditional Ojibwe Kokomis/Teacher Jacqui Lavalley
    Tobacco teaching
    The Indigenous Education Network present the first in a series of 4 medicine teachings. The first teaching is on tobacco, to be followed by monthly teachings on sage, cedar, and sweetgrass.
  • Wednesday, December 10 - 5:00 - 6:30 PM
    CIDE SEMINAR: Rethinking "Context" For Comparative Education Research
    Dr. Noah Sobe,Associate Professor of Cultural and Educational Policy Studies
    Much scholarship in the field of comparative and international education acknowledges the significance of "context" for understanding education systems and processes, yet the field remains hobbled by inadequate theorizations and methods. Too often scholars fail to recognize that establishing the "context" of an education policy, practice, institution, or system is itself caught up in the mobilization of norms, power relations, regulative principles, technologies, and strategies. In this lecture, using a distinction offered by Bruno Latour, I discuss context less as a "matter of fact" and more a "matter of concern" for comparative education researchers. The presentation includes suggestions for how researchers can properly approach and account for context and an application of these recommendations to the comparative study of educational accountability systems.
  • Wednesday, December 10 - 3:00 - 4:30 PM
    CEPP Seminar Series 2014-15
    Research-Policy Connections: Institutional Realities, Options and Trade-offs
    Presenter: Professor Scott Davies
  • Wednesday, December 10 to Friday, December 12
    Professional Preparation Conference 2014 | #OISEPPC
    The Professional Preparation Conference is an annual event for Teacher Candidates at OISE. The three day program includes interview skills, professional development sessions from experienced educators and an information fair to connect Teacher Candidates with professional organizations and prospective employers from Ontario, across Canada and abroad.
  • Tuesday, December 9 - 4:30 - 5:45 PM
    Seeds of Change: Restorative Justice in Local & International Educational Contexts
    Brenda Morrison, SFU
    This presentation and talking-circle workshop will reflect on 15 years of teaching and learning about restorative justice in educational settings, in a range of international and educational context. The session will draw on the metaphors of place, voice, safety, and seeds of change, to reflect upon: to what extent, and how, do education systems develop a stable sense of security for individuals and communities. Dr. Morrison will share some of the work she, her students, and others at Simon Fraser University are doing with Reconciliation Canada and Through Our Eyes, including a short video produced by her students.
  • Tuesday, December 9 - 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    SSHRC Insight Development Grant OISE Information Session
    The OISE Research office will be holding an information session about the SSHRC Insight Development Grant 2015 competition on Tuesday December 9th at 11.00am-12noon in room 12-199. OISE Faculty and their delegates are welcome to attend - please rsvp to oise.research@utoronto.ca. The session will cover:
    - Overview of the SSHRC Insight Development Grant program
    - Experiences and perspectives from successful applicants
    - Tips and advice on the Research Portal application system and Canadian Common CV
  • Tuesday, December 9 - 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    CIDE SEMINAR: Socioeconomic Segregation Between Schools in the US and Lat Am, 1970-2012
    A K Chmielewski, Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership & Policy (LHAE/OISE)
    Economic segregation between neighborhoods and between school districts has increased in the U.S. over the past several decades, raising the concern that educational and life experiences of children from different economic backgrounds are diverging. However, results from the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) reveal that the level of socioeconomic (SES) segregation between U.S. schools is close to the international average, while school SES segregation is far higher in Latin American countries. We compare school SES segregation in the U.S. and nine Latin American countries, drawing data from PISA and other large-scale cross-national assessments dating back to 1970, in order to examine trends in segregation over time. Furthermore, we contribute more nuance to existing international comparisons by measuring segregation overall, as well as for high- and low-SES students.
  • Monday, December 8 - 4:00 - 6:00 PM
    Transcending the Settler Colonial Present with Lorenzo Veracini
    Settler colonial studies emerged in the last two decades as a subfield of comparative scholarly research. This paper explores the ways in which settler colonialism as a mode of domination survived the age of decolonisation and reflects on the ways in which settler colonial studies can help make sense of the current dispensation. Rather than a thing of the past, or something affecting remote semi-peripheries, settler colonialism is seen as a crucial feature of the global present. This paper also explores the possibility of developin a coherent decolonising practice. Followed by a reception launching the new Curriculum, Teaching & Learning emphasis in 'Critical Studies in Curriculum and Pedagogy."
  • Friday, December 5 - 3:00 - 5:00 PM
    Indigenous Winter Social
    Celebrate the season with OISE Elders and Eagle Woman Singers
    The OISE/University of Toronto Indigenous Winter Social is coming up on Friday December 5th from 3-5pm in OISE's 12th floor Nexus Lounge. Come celebrate the season with Elder Cat Criger, Traditional Ojibwe Teacher/Kokomis Jacqui Lavalley and Eagle Woman Singers. All are welcome!
    This is a collaboration between SAGE, First Nations House, Centre for Aboriginal Initiatives, Collaborative Program in Aboriginal Health, Faculty of Medicine, Indigenous Education Network and the Native Student Association.
  • Tuesday, December 2 - 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    Higher Education Group Seminar Series
    Job Talks
    Darren Deering, PhD candidate in Higher Education will present on the subject of "Job Talks" in the new faculty recruitment and selection process.
    The presentation will focus on the "Job Talk" as a requirement of the new faculty recruitment and selection process. The "Job Talk" is a presentation of your research to faculty, students and staff in academia. Although similar in some respects to a conference presentation, a job talk focusses on the presentation of your research and findings with the goal of demonstrating your ability to teach and convey information to a wide audience. This presentation will provide an overview of the "Job Talk" for new academics developing their own presentations.
  • Monday, December 1 - 5:00 - 7:00 PM
    Queer Space Chat
    ... for queer teacher candidates and educators:
    Led by Shawna Carroll and Nicole West-Burns - Sponsored by the Centre for Urban Schooling.
    A supportive "free-space" to be with other Queer (LGBTI2SQ
    E-mail for room location.