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Prof. Lance McCready on box office hit Black Panther

Black masculinity, gender relations and representation, black futurities inspire black excellence in youth and identity formation, McCready says

By Lindsey Craig

March 12, 2018

WATCH: Prof. Lance McCready discusses the significance of the film Black Panther and why it is so important for young, black men in particular.

As the Hollywood film Black Panther surpasses $1 billion at the box office, OISE Professor Lance McCready shares how a mainstream movie with an all-black cast of African superheroes is smashing stereotypes, inspiring black excellence and giving kids “hope and possibility”.

“It is a huge symbol of black excellence," he said. 

"Everything from the science that's displayed, to the fighting skill, to the fashion, to the technologically advanced environment they live in, to the strong, non-stereotypical gender roles– it’s something that many audiences, black community audiences in particular, have been really hungry to see," he continued. 

Watch the video above to hear McCready share both his personal and academic perspective on a film that’s making a major mark.

Watch the entire video or Check it out by theme:

0:00: Describe the overall significance of the film Black Panther

2:38: Why is Black Panther so important for young, black men?

4:54: Talk about the comparison of T’Challa and Killmonger

6:54: Discuss the portrayal of black futurities

8:02: Talk about the representation of black girls and women


Prof. Lance McCready (left) and his PhD student Emmanuel Tabi strike the 'Wakanda pose' from the film Black Panther. (Photo: OISE News)

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More on Prof. McCready 

Prof. McCready's research explores education, health and the well-being of urban youth. He focuses his efforts on diverse masculinities in urban education and experiences of black male students in urban high schools and North American universities.

Prof. McCready earned his MA and PhD in Social and Cultural Studies in Education from the University of California, Berkeley with Designated Emphasis in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. He is the 2018 recipient of the Distinguished Research Scholar Award from the Ontario Education Research Symposium.

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