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Webcast: Mindfulness Practice

Learn about the science and practice of mindfulness


OISE Alumni & Friends Leadership Series

Mindfulness Practice as a Training Ground for Resilience

Interest in mindfulness practice has grown rapidly in the last decade. This is likely because there is now a depth and breadth of research showing the powerful benefits of mindfulness for supporting our bodies, minds and spirits.
Now more than ever, we are recognizing the importance of being intentional about building healthy habits of mind for cultivating presence and well-being.
In this training session, you will learn about the science and practice of mindfulness for strengthening parts of the brain that govern emotion regulation, attention and resilience to stress.
You will learn about and engage in practical strategies for beginning or deepening your own mindfulness practice.



Dr. Shelley Murphy is a lecturer and researcher at OISE, University of Toronto. She teaches graduate courses in special education, mental health, and mindfulness in education in the department of curriculum, teaching, and learning. She has extensive training in the science and practice of trauma-sensitive mindfulness and has been a mindfulness practitioner and educator for over 20 years. Shelley is the recipient of A Mindful Society’s 2019 Michele Chaban Spirit of Leadership Award for her work and research in the field of mindfulness in education. Her book on mindfulness for children in classroom settings and beyond, Fostering Mindfulness, was published by Pembroke in 2019.

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