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Application submitted

You’ve completed the online admissions application (including payment) and submitted your supporting documents (or working on it). What happens now? 

Application status

After you start an application on the School of Graduate Studies online admissions application, Application Management shows all applications on your record and their status (for example In Progress or Submitted).

After you have submitted your application, Application Status displays information about:

  • Payment (after payment of the total application fee for your first OISE application, there is no additional fee for a second and third OISE application within the same academic year)
  • Address (you can edit/change your mailing and permanent address)
  • Uploading Materials/Supporting Documents (only upload the supporting documents listed on the Application Checklist; do not upload extra or supplemental documents)
  • Application Checklist (displays all required supporting documents specific to the program of study to which you’re applying as Awaiting or Received)

Reminder: An application is officially submitted only after payment of both application fees (total 235.00 CAD) and you pay each separately:

  1. SGS Application Fee (125.00 CAD)
  2. Supplemental Application Fee (110.00 CAD)

Application Status also directs you to Recommendations if you need to re-send an email notification to a recommender/referee to remind them to upload a reference letter.

Account tools to change your email address and your password are available, too.


Evaluation process

Your application is first reviewed in the Office of the Registrar and Student Services. An academic assessment of your post-secondary credentials is done by expert staff. Evaluation involves verifying accreditation of an academic institution, considering appropriate University of Toronto degree equivalency, and calculating academic standing. The determination of whether your application is standard or non-standard admission is made at this step (if minimum academic requirements are not met admission is non-standard).

Your application is then reviewed by a Department Admissions Committee comprised primarily of OISE faculty. All aspects of your application are thoroughly considered, including the academic assessment, reference letters, your resume, other supporting documents (if required) and your answers to faculty questions. Specific methods of each committee vary.

The Department Admissions Committee makes a recommendation on admission to the Office of the Registrar and Student Services. Recommendations are reviewed and correspondence to applicants is prepared. Time the evaluation process takes can fluctuate for a number of reasons. We understand the importance of notifying you of results as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

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Notification of results

You will be provided with official written notification of results for each application, typically "Offer of Admission" or "Notification of Waitlist Status" or "Notification of Refusal”. These official results are final and not subject to appeal.

Official results come from the Office of the Registrar and Student Services and are uploaded to you via the online admissions application. Decisions you receive from a program or department are not official.

When applicable, information regarding the OISE Graduate Funding Package is included with an offer of admission.

A student cannot undertake more than one program in the same session. If you receive more than one offer of admission, you must tell us which program you wish to pursue. 

We start uploading result letters in early March and continue into March, April, and sometimes later months. If you submit a complete application by November 15, you should expect a decision sometime in March or April. If you submit an application after November 15, decisions are available within six to eight weeks, but no sooner than early March.

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