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Application steps

Step 5: Submit supporting documents

All supporting documents are uploaded via the online admissions application. Two places give you an opportunity to upload supporting materials:

  1. Faculty Questions (before your application is submitted)
  2. Application Status (after your application is submitted)

We recommend waiting to upload supporting documents on the Application Status page where you can review the Application Checklist.

Do not submit documents directly to the Registrar's Office and Student Experience, a program, department or the School of Graduate Studies.

The preferred format for supporting documents you upload is a PDF (.pdf) file.

After a supporting document is uploaded, it becomes the property of the University of Toronto and cannot be returned or transferred. 

It’s your responsibility to upload all required supporting documents (and ensure a referee uploads a reference letter). We will not upload a document for you. For example, we will not upload a paper transcript or paper reference letter received in the Registrar's Office and Student Experience.

Application Checklist

Application Status includes a checklist that displays all required supporting documents specific to the program of study to which you’re applying. This Application Checklist shows the status of each document: Awaiting or Received.

Only upload the supporting documents listed on the Application Checklist. Do not upload extra or supplemental documents. They will not strengthen an application, are not permitted and will not be evaluated.

When you upload a document, a change from Awaiting to Received is not instantaneous (allow for at least an hour for the checklist to update to Received).


It’s your responsibility to make arrangements well in advance of deadlines (especially for reference letters because they’re provided by someone other than yourself). It’s also your responsibility to monitor the status of supporting documents and take action to move from Awaiting to Received.

Deadline for required supporting documents: November 15, 2022 or ten days after an application is officially submitted (whichever is later)

An application is officially submitted only after payment of both application fees (total 235.00 CAD) and you pay each separately:

  1. SGS Application Fee (125.00 CAD)
  2. Supplemental Application Fee (110.00 CAD)



Applicants are required to upload an online unofficial electronic transcript from each and every post-secondary institution attended.  

It is your responsibility to ensure every record is clearly legible, accurate and complete (all pages front and back and including grading scale). An illegible or incomplete record will delay or prevent processing and review of your application.

Do not submit an official transcript because it is not required at the time of application. If you receive an offer of admission, official transcripts are required as a condition of admission. 

Did you study outside Canada? An English translation of all international documentation written in a language other than English or French must be uploaded as part of a transcript. It’s preferable to upload the original language document together with an English translation. If the original language document is not available, upload the English translation only.   

Did you study at the University of Toronto? You must upload an unofficial electronic transcript of your study at the University of Toronto to your online admissions application. 


Letters of reference

The online admissions application facilitates submission of recommendations/letters of reference. The Recommendations page allows you to Add Recommender by entering information: type (Academic or Professional only; not Employer), name, organization, position/title, relationship, telephone, email.

When you click-on Send to Recommender, your designated referee will immediately be sent an email invitation to upload a reference letter, along with instructions.

Be prepared to provide contact information for your referees. A valid institution or organization email address is necessary for a referee to upload their letter. Email addresses that are shared, anonymous, generic or not linked to an institution, organization or business are not acceptable (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo!). References submitted through dossier services such as Interfolio are also not acceptable.

It’s imperative to contact your prospective referees in advance to ensure they are willing and able to provide a timely letter of reference, confirm their current contact information, and alert them to expect an email invitation to upload a letter of reference.

Resume or CV, sample of written work, and other supporting documents

Applicants are required to upload a resume or curriculum vitae (CV), and if required other supporting documents such as a sample of written work.

Application Status includes a checklist that displays all required supporting documents specific to the program of study to which you’re applying. This Application Checklist shows the status of each document: Awaiting or Received.


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