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Newly admitted students

Your first step: respond to your offer of admission

Offer letter

Your official offer letter is the one that has been added to your application via the School of Graduate Studies online admissions application. You will not receive a paper admission package in the mail.

Your offer letter provides important information about your studies, including:

  • when your program begins;
  • status (full-time, part-time);
  • home department (also known as graduate unit);
  • degree and program name;
  • faculty advisor (designated by some programs, an OISE professor who can give you academic guidance and support); and
  • program requirements.

Further details about your program requirements can be found in the School of Graduate Studies Calendar by graduate unit: 

*Please note, the above links will direct you to the 2021-2022 SGS Calendar, and will be updated to point to the 2022-2023 SGS Calendar when it is availalble.

Confirmation Form: Accept or decline your offer of admission

Your offer letter includes a Confirmation Form. Once you decide whether to accept or decline the offer, complete, sign, date the form and upload it to your application profile as a document 

It's important to respond promptly because an offer of admission may be cancelled if it's not responded to within three weeks. It’s also important to respond if you’re declining. Doing so may open a space for another applicant. If you decline you must formally re-apply if you want to be considered for future admission. 

Please also be sure to review the University of Toronto's Vaccination Guideline (Guideline). Under the Guideline, students are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to participate in any in-person activities on university premises, which may include off-campus activities carried out under the auspices of the University, such as a student placement. Under the Guideline, students are also required to provide the University proof of being fully vaccinated. In rare situations, where students cannot be vaccinated, they may seek a University of Toronto approved vaccination exemption.


Tuition fee deposit (for teacher education programs only)

If you’re accepting an offer of admission to the Master of Teaching program or the Master of Arts in Child Study and Education program, you must pay a $300.00 non-refundable tuition deposit by June 1, 2022 to hold your admission space in the program.

The deposit can be paid any time after receiving an offer of admission. Submission of the deposit constitutes acknowledgement that this fee is non-refundable. When studies in the program begin, the deposit will be credited toward applicable tuition fees.

Occasionally an offer of admission is presented very close to the June 1 deadline or later. If so, the tuition deposit should be paid within seven business days from the date on the offer of admission.   

Pay Online with a Credit Card

Make an online Mastercard or Visa credit card payment by logging-in to your ACORN account at Use the JOINid credentials that were e-mailed to you when you completed and submitted your online admissions application.

If you have been offered admission to more than one program, be very careful to direct your payment to the program you confirmed (Confirmation Form uploaded) and want to undertake.

It can take two to three business days upon receipt of payment to record the deposit in your ACORN account. It is your responsibility to ensure the deposit payment has been recorded in your ACORN account by the deadline.

There is a convenience fee when paying online, which is billed by the Moneris credit card service provider. This fee is non-refundable, even if you decide not to study at the University of Toronto. This convenience fee is charged at a rate of 2.25% of the fee payment. It is billed directly by Moneris and is not remitted to the University of Toronto.

The tuition deposit is non-refundable; there are no refunds, waivers, exemptions or deferrals.

Payment of the tuition deposit is not a substitute for formally accepting an offer of admission. A Confirmation Form accompanies all offers of admission. You must complete and upload the Confirmation Form to the online applications system within three weeks of the date on your offer letter. For details, see "Step 2" above.




Changing your start date

Admission is only valid for the date stated on your offer of admission in the "Program Begins" section (e.g., September, 2022).

Applicants who are unable to attend the session for which they have been accepted must normally re-apply and compete with other applicants for admission to a later session. It is not possible to enrol in courses or register for an alternate start date unless special approval is granted by the Registrar's Office and Student Experience.

Note: Typically, The Registrar's Office and Student Experience will consider deferral of admission or delay to Winter Session requests from newly admitted students as of the beginning of April (not before). For newly admitted students to the September 2022 class, requests for deferral or admission or delay to Winter 2023 session will be considered no sooner than the beginning of May.

Deferral of admission

In exceptional circumstances, a program may approve a deferral of admission for a maximum of twelve months (e.g., from September 2022 to September 2023).

To ask for a deferral of admission, you must:

  • not be registered in the program (i.e., no tuition fees paid); and
  • submit a written request, including a brief rationale, to the Registrar's Office and Student Experience to by September 16, 2022. Note: For the Master of Teaching and the Master of Arts in Child Study and Education programs the deadline is July 30, 2022.

If your deferral of admission request is approved, be aware that any changes made to degree program requirements will be applicable when you begin your program. As well, an official transcript is required to document any new post-secondary study completed during the interim period.

Delay to Winter session

In exceptional circumstances, a program may approve a start date delay from Fall Session (September) to Winter Session (January).

To ask to delay your start date to the Winter Session, you must:

  • not be registered in the program (i.e., no tuition fees paid); and
  • submit a written request, including a brief rationale, to the Registrar's Office and Student Experience at by November 1, 2022.


Changing your registration status

Admission is only valid for the registration status stated on your offer of admission in the "Status" section. It will show either full-time or part-time.

To ask for a change in registration status, you must submit a written request (including which sessions are applicable) to the Registrar's Office and Student Experience at

Note: The Registrar's Office and Experience will consider change of registration status requests from newly admitted students as of the beginning of April (not before).