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TCard, UTORid, UTmail+, ACORN and JOINid


What is a TCard? 

Your TCard is your identification for academic purposes. It includes your photo, UTORid, student number (or personnel number, for staff and faculty) and a barcode. It provides access to services and facilities such as libraries, athletic facilities, exams, meal plans, online learning portal, printing services, and more. 

For information on how to get your TCard, visit the TCard website
Also see this helpful information about how to set up your TCard for the first time.

TCard Services has produced a video outlining the steps:

What is a UTORid and How do I get one? 

Your UTORid and password give you access to online services like email (UTmail+), ACORN, portal, library services, campus wireless network and others.  

For new students, you require a Secret Activation Key in order to activate your UTORid. This Secret Activation Key is provided to you during your virtual appointment with a TCard staff member.  Once you activate your UTORid, set up your email and add it into ACORN, all future emails will go to your UTmail+ email address.

What can I do before I get my UTORid?

The University of Toronto issues a JOINid to applicants so that they can access key online services before their appointment with the Tcard office. You should have received an email with your JOINid and instructions for enabling it . If you’ve lost the email or didn’t receive it, please contact

When can I get my TCard / UTORid?

If you are an incoming Fall 2022 student, you will be able to get your UTORid as of May 1, 2022. Before arrival on campus or Toronto, you can use JOINid to access your student account on ACORN to update contact information, enrol in courses, and register and pay fees. Once you have completed the online setup of your UTORid, you can book an in-person appointment  to pick up your TCard when you arrive on campus.

  • TCards are not required if you are studying remotely; however most programs that start in Fall 2022 will require some in-person learning. We encourge you to activate your TCard and UTORid before your program begins.


During your appointment with a TCard staff member, you'll receive a code to activate your UTORid – your University of Toronto online user ID. Your UTORid gives you access to the University's wireless internet network as well as its many websites, applications and portals, including e-mail and ACORN.

New students to U of T are automatically given a UTmail+ account. This email account is set up during UTORid activation.

It's important that you update your ACORN account with your new UTmail+ address. That's because U of T policy requires all official university correspondence be sent only to a University-issued e-mail account. You may have your UTmail+ forwarded to another address, but are responsible for ensuring that all messages sent to UTmail+ are received and read.

ACORN (Student Web Service)

ACORN (Accessible Campus Online Resources Network), also known as the Student Web Service (SWS) is the University of Toronto's web-based student information system that stores all your records – academic, personal and financial. It's the critical link between students and the university for most transactions. 

You'll use ACORN to add and drop courses, view your personal timetable, update your address and contact information, check grades and other academic information, view and manage your financial account information, pay tuition and fees, request graduation, order transcripts, print tax forms, and more.

To access ACORN, you'll need a UTORid. Until you are able to obtain your UTORid, you can use your JOINid to access ACORN for some limited services (see below). 

Need help using ACORN? Check out this step by step guide to help you accomplish what you need to get done. 


(until you are obtain your UTORid)

Every applicant to the University of Toronto is assigned a JOINid. It will be provided to you through an e-mail from School of Graduate Studies ( 

When you begin your studies at U of T, your JOINid will become your UTORid, which will allow you to access a number of services such as e-mail, library resources, and Quercus. Instructions on how to activate your UTORid are provided to you when you pick up your TCard. 

If you are unable to obtain your UTORid before September, you can enable your JOINid to gain access to ACORN to update contact information, enrol in courses, and register and pay fees.

You must enable your JOINid and create a password if you wish to access ACORN before arriving on campus. This can be done online – you don't have to be here in person. Your JOINid will not work until you enable and create a password for it. 

If you have trouble locating the email sent to you with your JOINid, please contact

If you lose your JOINid password, you can use the enabling site to change your password. Please note that updates to passwords can take 24 hours to roll over in the system. 

If you are unable to reset your password using the enabling site, please call 416-978-HELP, or email to reset your password. Please specify that you have already enabled your JOINid.