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OISE Centres

OISE Centres have a long tradition of collaborative scholarship that enhances our global reputation, promotes research excellence, and enriches the student experience. The breadth and depth of our departmental- and institute-level centres provides an extraordinary range of opportunities for multidisciplinary research, community partnership, and deep engagement in focused fields of study. A fundamental part of our history, OISE’s centres provide vibrant opportunities to connect and explore interests and synergies, welcoming students, faculty members and staff to engage in a variety of activities and events. 

Atkinson Centre for Society and Child Development

The Atkinson Centre promotes research on child development, and the development of early learning policy and practice that serve young children and their families.  Central to the work of the Atkinson Centre is the integration of diversity, equity and inclusion in its research agenda.

Centre for Black Studies in Education

Centre de recherches en éducation franco-ontarienne (CREFO)

CREFO est un centre de recherche interdisciplinaire où on étudie les pratiques éducatives, sociales et langagières de la francophonie en Ontario, au Canada et dans le monde, en mettant l'accent sur les processus de construction des différences et des inégalités sociales ainsi que sur les mécanismes sociaux d'inclusion et d'exclusion.

Centre for Diversity in Counselling and Psychotherapy

The Centre for Diversity in Counselling and Psychotherapy is an interdisciplinary centre dedicated to research and development of multicultural and diversity issues in counselling and psychotherapy, focusing particularly on the stigmatized social identities of gender, race, sexual orientations, class, disabilities, religion, and age.

Centre for Educational Research on Languages and Literacies (CERLL)

CERLL focuses on curriculum, instruction, and policies for education in second, foreign, and minority languages, particularly in reference to English and French in Canada but also other languages and settings -- including studies of language learning, methodology and organization of classroom instruction, language education policies, student and program evaluation, teacher development, as well as issues related to bilingualism, multilingualism, cultural diversity, and literacy.

Centre for Integrative Anti-racism Studies (CIARS)

CIARS' mandate is to enhance research and teaching in the areas of equity, anti-racism praxis and alternative knowledge(s) in education.  CIARS' mandate also includes the generation of collaborative relationships with community and other institutional organizations.

Centre for Leadership and Diversity (CLD)

The Centre for Leadership and Diversity is devoted to engendering, promoting and sustaining an interest in, and commitment to, leadership and diversity.  Centre initiatives are intended to encourage and nurture activities that advance the cause of equity, social justice and democracy in matters of leadership and policy

Centre for Learning, Social Economy & Work (CLSEW)

CLSEW brings together academics, public and private sector labour educators, participants in the social economy and broader community to understand and enrich the often under-recognized contributions of work and learning dynamics throughout their full range of variation in Canadian society and internationally.

Centre for Media, Culture, and Education (CMCE)

CMCE seeks to foster critical inquiry and debate regarding cultural practices integral to everyday life in contemporary communities. 

Centre for Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education (SMT)

SMT's mission is to undertake research, development, and teaching that promote critical understanding, inclusion, diversity, equity, personal wellbeing, creativity, and social and environmental justice.

Centre for Smart Learning and Development

Advances in artificial intelligence systems and the widespread adoption of portable technologies are effecting a transformation in education goals and teaching practices. In this context, the Centre for Smart Learning and Development aims to improve learning outcomes by fostering the development and application of research on cognitive psychology and smart learning technologies. The Centre will serve as a research hub, connecting faculty to external stakeholders, including industry, community, and government partners.

Centre for the Study of Canadian & International Higher Education (CIHE)

CIHE has four main objectives: 1) to support and promote research on the study of Canadian and international higher education; 2) to disseminate research findings through Centre publications, conferences, symposia, and seminars; 3) to contribute to and support informed public debate on Canadian and international higher education; and 4) to create a research community of engaged scholars, graduate students, and others interested in the study of higher education.

Centre for Urban Schooling (CUS)

The Centre for Urban Schooling was established in 2005 to connect OISE to urban schools and communities. The Centre conducts research on and advocates for critical practice that is focused on how to better serve historically marginalized and racialized children and youth in public schools.

Comparative, International & Development Education Centre (CIDEC)

CIDEC's mandate is to promote excellence, collaboration, and innovation in comparative and international educational research at OISE.

Indigenous Educational Research Centre (IERC)

The Indigenous Educational Research Centre (IERC) fosters Indigenous resurgence and strengthens an Indigenous presence in research practices within Indigenous educational research contexts. Read more about the establishment and goals of this Centre.

Institute for Knowledge Innovation and Technology (IKIT)

IKIT conducts research, develops technology, and helps build communities aimed at advancing beyond "best practice" in education, knowledge work, and knowledge creation.

Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study

The Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study brings together graduate teacher education through the Master of Arts in Child Study and Education (MA-CSE) program, exemplary educational practices for the Laboratory School children in nursery to Grade 6, and multidisciplinary research in child development at the endowed Dr. R.G.N. Laidlaw Research Centre.

Dr. R.G.N. Laidlaw Centre

The Dr. R.G.N. Laidlaw Centre is situated at the  Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study. The Centre is dedicated to the support of applied multidisciplinary research in child development. It is an integral part of the Institute of Child Study’s mission of integrating research, graduate/teacher training, and exemplary elementary education in the ICS Laboratory School. Current research is aimed at understanding children and innovative programs to support their education and development.