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OISE Faculty Conference Funding Program

The OISE Faculty Conference Funding Program is funded by the Office of the Associate Dean, Research, International & Innovation. The program is open only to faculty at OISE and is intended to help support (not fully fund) expenses relating to the organization of conferences or research events. Funding that is available through the Program should be seen as a contribution to the overall fundraising that may need to take place to fund conference related expenses. Please note that only those conferences confirmed by a Department Chair as a departmental activity are eligible for funding.


Applications to the fund must have the following:

• A cash contribution committed from the applicant’s department.

• At least 50 participants.

• Participants who are external to OISE.

Up to $1,500 may be awarded, proportional to the scale of the activity.


Applicants may submit their application form to the Office of the Associate Dean, Research, International & Innovation via oise.research@utoronto.ca at any time. A response will be received within approximately 10-15 business days.

2016-2017 OISE Faculty Conference Funding Program Application


Who can apply for funding?

OISE Faculty members eligible to hold research grants may apply for funding.

What sorts of activities are eligible for funding?

Eligible activities include conferences and research events organized by OISE faculty members for the mobilization and/or synthesis of research knowledge. The program is not designed to fund activities such as planning meetings for specific research projects/grant or book proposals, other knowledge mobilization activities such as publishing, book launches or travel expenses for OISE faculty to attend meetings elsewhere.

How do I apply?

Please fill out the application form and email it to oise.research@utoronto.ca along with an email from your Department Chair confirming the cash contribution from the department.

When are applications accepted?

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Applications must be submitted in advance of the conference or research event.

How often can I apply?

OISE Faculty members may apply for one conference or research event per academic year (May 1 to April 30).

How is my application assessed?

Conferences or research events that meet the eligibility criteria will be considered for funding at a level proportional to the scale of the event as decided by the Associate Dean, Research, International & Innovation.

How do I claim the funding awarded?

Please submit original receipts for eligible costs incurred up to the amount awarded within 60 days of the conference or research event to Pierre Lee,8th floor, or pierre.lee@utoronto.ca along with the final attendee list.

What costs are eligible for reimbursement from the fund?

Expenses relating to putting on the conference or research event, including speaker travel and accommodation, catering or speaker honoraria are eligible for reimbursement. Faculty members are strongly encouraged to consult with their department business officer to develop an appropriate budget. All claims must abide by the University of Toronto Travel and Reimbursable Expenses - Policies and Guidelines.

Ineligible expenses include Research Assistant salaries and OISE faculty or student travel expenses.

What are the responsibilities of the faculty member?

Before the event – Faculty members who are awarded funding are encouraged to ensure that their event is well advertised throughout OISE. Faculty members are responsible for working with their departmental communications officers to publicize the event on their departmental webpages, the OISE Events Calendar and the OISE Lobby Sign. For publicity assistance (e.g. elevator posters), please fill out the OISE Event Publicity Form and send all confirmed details to Marianne Lau at least 3 weeks prior to the event (2 months for major events).After the Event - Faculty members are responsible for submitting original receipts up to the amount awarded to Pierre Lee in the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer.


For queries please contact oise.research@utoronto.ca