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Consecutive Bachelor of Education Admissions

The University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education has announced that it is phasing out its Bachelor of Education and Diploma programs in teacher education and is becoming an all-graduate institute of teaching, learning and research.

Moving forward, teacher education will be offered through Masters-level programs. We invite you to discover our programs:
Master of Teaching
MA in Child Study and Education

Thinking of Applying

   Admission requirements & selection criteria

In This Section:
Summary of Admission Requirements
English Language Proficiency Requirement
Basic Academic Requirement
Experience Background
Selection Criteria

Summary of Admission Requirements

To be eligible for consideration applicants must meet our requirements in each of the three areas:

  1. English Proficiency
  2. Academic Standing
  3. Experience Background

English Language Proficiency Requirement

All applicants are required to give evidence of their oral and written proficiency in English. This requirement can be satisfied with one of the following criteria:

  1. their mother tongue or first language is English, OR
  2. they have studied full-time for at least three years (or equivalent in part-time studies) in a university where the language of instruction and examination was English and which was located in a country where the first language is English, OR
  3. they have achieved the required level of proficiency on one of the tests in English language acceptable to OISE.

For details, go to English Language Proficiency Requirement for Consecutive Initial Teacher Education Programs.


Basic Academic Requirement

Applicants must hold an approved degree from a university (or other degree-granting post-secondary institution) whose accreditation is acceptable to the University of Toronto with at least a "B" range average in 15 full-year courses (or equivalent in half courses). This degree must be conferred not later than the fall convocation in the year of registration at OISE.

Our academic assessment of your average is based on the best 15 full-year courses (or equivalent in half courses) of undergraduate level academic course work. This assessment is based on the official transcripts you submit by our application deadline.


NOTE: For the purpose of applying for admission to the B.Ed. degree program at OISE, an "approved degree" must include at least 15 full-year courses (or equivalent) beyond grade 12 secondary school graduation and can have a maximum of 10 full year courses (or equivalent in half courses) credited from institutions that are not considered by OISE to be accredited degree-granting institutions. (For more information, please refer to Information Sheet: Guidelines for Understanding What is an Acceptable Degree for Application to the OISE B.Ed. Program.

  • Applicants with a "C" range average at the time of application will not be considered for admission.
  • Applicants are advised to hold, or be in the final year of a four-year degree. (Applicants with a completed three-year degree can be considered, but are at a significant competitive disadvantage.)
  • Applicants who have completed fewer than 15 full-year courses (or equivalent in half courses) at the time of application will not be considered for admission.
  • An "A" average or a completed graduate degree can be a competitive advantage.


Experience Background

Using the OISE Applicant Profile, applicants provide a written reflection based on personal experiences that they believe have helped to prepare them for teaching. These experiences can take a wide variety of forms. What is most important is the ability to clearly articulate insights that have been gained from these experiences in terms of understanding of teaching and learning, and understanding of teachers’ roles in appreciating diversity and promoting equity and social justice.

  • The Applicant Profile is a vital part of the admission selection process. Consequently, applicants should read the questions and instructions carefully. The Profile must be submitted by the December deadline. Do not leave preparation of this Profile until the last minute.
  • The Applicant Profile is prepared and submitted online via the OISE Consecutive B.Ed Online Applicant Profile website. A new version of the online Applicant Profile becomes available each September at the beginning of the application period for the following academic year. Applicants can access and complete this form between late September and the December application deadline. After the application deadline applicants can continue to view their submitted Profile but cannot make changes. A pdf version of the Profile is also available through this site as a sample and can be viewed all year.

  • The Applicant Profile is divided into two parts. Applicants must receive a "Pass" in all parts in order to be considered for admission. 
  • A strong Applicant Profile can be a competitive advantage.

NOTE: Your Applicant Profile will not be read if:
a) you do not satisfy our academic requirement (e.g., "C" range academic average, or completion of fewer than 15 full-year courses), or
b) you do not satisfy our English Language Proficiency requirement.


Selection Criteria

OISE is committed to:

  1. admitting teacher candidates with the potential of becoming excellent teachers and educational leaders;
  2. admitting a diverse group of teacher candidates that reflects the diverse student body in Toronto and Ontario schools; and,
  3. admitting teacher candidates who show an openness and commitment to working towards equity in diverse classrooms and schools.

Last year we received 3,462 applications for 867 spaces. As a result we were unable to offer admission to many qualified applicants.

In making our selection decisions we will consider factors such as:

  • faculty resources and practice teaching opportunities available for specific teaching subjects — this may result in the imposition of limits on the number of candidates that we will admit into some teaching subjects, especially as it relates to those subjects or divisions for which there is a limited job market (e.g., Social Sciences-General)
  • identified provincial needs — applicants with a four-year degree related to a curriculum area (e.g., French) for which there is high teacher demand can be at an advantage in the competition for admission.

NOTE: OISE will suspend the evaluation of an application as soon as it is determined that any basic admission requirement will not be satisfied. For example, a strong academic standing will not compensate for a weak Applicant Profile or problems associated with the English Language Proficiency Requirement. Similarly, a strong Applicant Profile will not compensate for weak academic standing or problems associated with the English Language Proficiency requirement.


If you have any questions, please contact:
OISE Registrar's Office, Initial Teacher Education Admissions Unit
Telephone: 416-978-1848 | Email: admissions@oise.utoronto.ca


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