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Application Steps

Step 4: Apply via Online Application System

Login to the University of Toronto School of Graduate Studies Online Application System

All OISE graduate studies programs operate under the umbrella of the University of Toronto School of Graduate Studies. So all applicants must utilize the University of Toronto School of Graduate Studies online application system to apply for admission to an OISE graduate studies program.

If you encounter technical problems with the online application system (e.g. access interrupted/denied, error message, field not functional) contact the University of Toronto School of Graduate Studies (admissions.sgs@utoronto.ca, 416-978-6614). For questions about information requested in the online application system, refer to the system’s “Help” feature (descriptions of most fields are provided).

Your responsibilities when utilizing the online application system:

  • carefully input all relevant information and check for accuracy
  • pay the non-refundable application fee plus the non-refundable supplementary fee
  • provide referee information (which you have confirmed) so your referees can be automatically contacted by the University of Toronto (via email) and submit a letter of reference online
  • upload supporting documents (such as transcripts, résumé, statement of intent, sample of written work)
  • monitor the status of documents (e.g. received or not received) and take appropriate action when necessary
  • monitor the overall status of your application for admission

All applicants must pay the non-refundable application fee plus the non-refundable supplementary fee; there are no refunds, waivers, exemptions, or deferrals of the application fee or supplementary fee. A single application fee plus a single supplementary fee is applicable even if you are applying to more than one OISE program (maximum three). The 2017-18 application fee and supplementary fee is combined to one single payment of $220 Canadian (the application fee is $120 and the supplementary fee is $100). Payment of the application fee and supplementary fee must be received before your application will be considered.

Supplemental Information on Selected Fields

Start Date
New students are expected to begin their program in the Fall Session (September). Applicants are not permitted to select Summer Session (May/June and July/August) or Winter Session (January) as a potential start date.

Graduate Unit
There are many graduate units at the University of Toronto and you must correctly choose OISE or we will not have any access to your application record. If you do not correctly select OISE it is not possible for us to process or consider your application. From the pick-list select “Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE)”.

Attendance Type
The attendance type (or registration status) associated with an offer of admission is stated on the offer letter and restrictions may apply if a student wishes to change this status. Some programs, such as PhD degrees, require full-time registration (refer to the relevant section(s) in the SGS Calendar for more information).

Program / Degree Program / Field(s) of Study / Collaborative Program
Be extremely careful when selecting a program of study (especially degree) because your application will be processed based solely on this information. After the payment stage revisions to your program of study selections are not possible. The Office of the Registrar and Student Services (or other University of Toronto office) will not modify, delete, or add a program of study selection.

The pick-lists include all available OISE programs of study. If a program is absent from the pick-list it is likely because it is no longer considering applications; review Deadlines & Closing Dates for details.

An application may be considered for all program selections indicated at the time of initial application. The maximum number of OISE graduate studies program selections allowed in a single academic year is three. Additional choices (notably requests received after official results of an application) are not normally permitted. Even if your initial application identified fewer than three choices, subsequent additional program of study selections are not permitted. If you are applying to more than one program or field or collaborative program list in order of preference.

For all collaborative program selections, applicants are responsible for reviewing applicable information on the collaborative program’s website. Many collaborative programs have a separate and distinct application process.

Proposed Area of Study
Use this free-form text field to note your proposed research area(s) or area(s) of interest. If you wish to be part of a certain group or focus that’s available (for example Early Learning Emphasis in PhD, flexible-time, Developmental Psychology and Education program), state so here. The SGS Calendar, as well as program websites, provide information on potential areas of study. Entering information in this field is optional, but in conjunction with your statement of intent noting a proposed area of study will significantly assist a department in the evaluation of your file.

Teaching Subject(s)
If you are applying to the Master of Teaching in Teaching program with a Junior/Intermediate concentration or an Intermediate/Senior concentration you must advise us of your intended Teaching Subject(s) here. Your application cannot be considered without Teaching Subject information.

The Junior/Intermediate concentration requires one Teaching Subject. The Intermediate/Senior concentration requires two Teaching Subjects. Carefully review Teaching Subjects and prerequisites. Prerequisites are satisfied only by completed courses and/or courses documented in-progress (i.e. transcript). Select a Teaching Subject only if you are confident the required prerequisites are fulfilled. If you are unsure, consider alternative Teaching Subjects or an alternative concentration. 


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