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Information about Waitlisting for Courses

A course waitlist feature is available on ROSI as a function of course enrolment.  This will benefit you as a student in at least two ways:  i) it removes the arbitrariness of how students obtain a place in a course once the course fills initially; and ii) you do not have to repeatedly try to enrol in a course that has filled, as ROSI will do that for you.
This feature enables you to reserve a space on a waitlist in a course that is currently full. If a space becomes available and you are next on the waitlist, you will automatically be enrolled in the course meeting section. ROSI will then notify you through your UTOR email of your enrolment. Be sure to set up a UTOR email account and to check there regularly.      
Note: Placing your name on a waitlist does not guarantee you a space in the course but does let you wait in sequence for a space to become available.
1. How does the waitlist work?
When there is no space for you to enrol, ROSI will give you the option of joining a waitlist. If you join the waitlist, you will receive a message indicating the lecture meeting sections for which you have successfully waitlisted. 
2. When can I waitlist for courses?
The waitlist dates for OISE courses in the respective sessions are listed on Important dates
During this time, students may place themselves on a course waitlist and if a space becomes available, they will automatically be placed in the course. After these dates, the waitlists are cancelled and names removed; no record is kept on ROSI of the names on the waitlists. 
3. Will I be notified if I am enrolled from the waitlist?
Yes, ROSI will notify you IF you have a UTOR email account.  Be sure to set up a UTOR email account and to check there regularly.  If you are a new student and do not yet have an account, be sure to check ROSI regularly to see if you have been enrolled in your waitlisted course(s). 
4. For how many courses can I waitlist?
Waitlisted courses count in your maximum courseload.
SUMMER SESSION – Full-time students may enrol in, or wait list for, a total combination of two half-courses in each term of the Summer Session. Part-time students may enrol in, or wait list for, one half-course in the Summer Session.    
FALL/WINTER SESSIONS - Full-time students may enrol in, or wait list for, a total combination of seven half-courses over the Fall and Winter Sessions (i.e., a maximum of four half-courses in one session, three in the other session). Part-time students may enrol in, or wait list for, a total combination of one half-course in each of the Fall and Winter Sessions. 
5. Can I waitlist for more than one meeting section?
You may waitlist for any number of meeting sections of a course. Regardless of the number of sections for which you waitlist in a particular course, it will still only count as either 1.0 credit for a Y course, or 0.5 credit for an H course.   For example, if a course offers a number of sections, you may waitlist for any or all of the sections. It will count only as 0.5 credits (or 1.0 if a Y course) towards your waitlist courseload.
If you are on the waitlist of multiple sections of a course and are subsequently enrolled in any one of these waitlisted sections, you will automatically be removed from all other waitlisted sections of the same course. Make sure that you only waitlist for sections that fit your schedule and that you wish to take.
6. Can I enrol in a course and waitlist for another meeting section of the same course?
No. You cannot enrol in one section of a course AND waitlist for another section of the same course. You can either enrol or waitlist for a course, but not both. If you are enrolled in one section of a course and wish to waitlist for another section of the same course, you will LOSE your enrolment in your original enrolled section. Carefully consider this before choosing to waitlist for a section of a course in which you are already enrolled.
7. Can I add other waitlist sections, change to other waitlist sections, and drop my waitlist sections?
Yes. However, once you are removed from a waitlist, you lose your position on that particular waitlist and that position cannot be reinstated. If you wish to waitlist for another section, or go back on the waitlist for a section that you previously removed, you will be at the bottom of the waitlist.
8. Can I find out where I am on the wait list?
Yes, you will have to list your courses to determine your rank on the waitlist. When you list your courses on ROSI, your selected courses will appear in sections, APPROVED (successfully enrolled), INTERIM (awaiting approval), or WAIT (waitlisted).
For each lecture meeting section listed under WAIT, you will be provided a rank. For example,
 “Currently Waitlisted. Your rank is 4 out of 20 total space(s) in the meeting section.”
This provides you two pieces of information - your position on the waitlist and the total number of spaces in the meeting section of the course. In this case above, you are the fourth person on the waitlist for a section that has a capacity for 20 students.
To be enrolled from the waitlist, 4 students have to cancel (from the 20 currently enrolled).
For your ranking to improve, either students above you on the waitlist have to remove themselves from the waitlist, or students cancel their enrolment in the course.
9. How can I verify if I have been successfully enrolled?
Login to the Student Web Service periodically and list your courses. Check your rank for each waitlisted meeting section of courses you have waitlisted. ROSI slots students from waitlists into courses in batches, not in real-time. Therefore there is no need to check many times per day.
It is advisable to login to ROSI on the final date for the wait list and list your courses. If the course you were waitlisting is in the APPROVED section of courses, then you have been enrolled. If your waitlisted courses still appear in the WAIT section, check back later in the day. If the course does NOT appear as APPROVED and you no longer have any WAIT courses, then you were not successful in enrolling from the waitlist. 
You will then have a couple of days (refer to Important Dates for the last day to add a course without instructor’s approval) to choose another course where space is available, and to add this course on ROSI. After that date, you must use a Course Add/Drop Form and obtain the instructor’s signature. 
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