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Detailed Bursary Program Guidelines


The Process | General Principles | Operating Principles | Principles of Allocation 

Notification of Results | Reviews | Appeals


The Process

OISE's Bursary Committee is responsible for establishing and reviewing bursary policy and serving as the body to review decisions brought forward for appeal. Student Services' administration is charged with the responsibility for implementing the policies established by the Bursary Committee. In an attempt to provide timely and responsive service, bursary applications will be processed on an on-going, continual basis throughout each academic session.  *Please note that Teacher Candidates in the Concurrent Teacher Education Program (CTEP) are required to apply for bursary assistance through the Registrar's Office in their home faculty (example: Faculty of Music, Victoria College, Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education).

You may apply for, and receive, a bursary ONCE per academic session.

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General Principles

The OISE bursary program is designed to provide financial aid to as many students as possible. Assisting students in greatest financial need is the most important guiding principle. In order to receive assistance from the bursary program you must be a registered student.

Students are expected to rely on OSAP (or other provincial government assistance), up to the level of the maximum OSAP loan. Any assessed need, which remains unmet above the OSAP maximum, is automatically covered by a non-repayable grant under the University of Toronto Advance Planning for Students (UTAPS) program. Students receiving assistance from another province must apply at Admissions and Awards, (172 St. George St.) in order to be considered for UTAPS.

To ensure the integrity of the bursary process, a common mechanism to assess student need is necessary. This mechanism, in accordance with the University Policy on Student Financial Support (.pdf), is based on the OSAP needs-assessment using the tables for allowable expenses and factoring in an additional allowance to account for the increased costs of living in Toronto. Rent allowances are as follows:

  • Single = $650.00/month
  • Couple - No children or Single parent with child = $900.00/month (based upon 1 Bdrm apartment)
  • Each additional child = $200.00/month

The bursary program, though charged with a fiduciary responsibility, maintains an abiding commitment to the sensitivities and exigencies of each individual's particular situation. Compelling or extenuating personal circumstances will be taken into account and Student Services' staff is available to provide guidance and assistance in this respect. Should you wish to speak with someone to discuss your application, please arrange an appointment through the reception desk in Student Services (416) 978-4300.

Except in compelling circumstances and where arrangements have been made with Student Services, bursaries awarded will first be applied to fees or loans outstanding. The balance will be mailed directly to you from the Office of Student Accounts or you may have bursary funds credited to your bank account through the Direct Deposit system on ROSI. Students must log into their ROSI account to set up the direct banking process if they wish to have access to this option.

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Operating Principles

Student Services staff who have access to information contained in your application for administrative purposes are sworn to an oath of confidentiality.

Resources Deemed Sufficient by OSAP:
Students whose application to OSAP is rejected because their resources are deemed sufficient to cover their needs are not eligible for bursary assistance.

Students in Graduate Programs with Guaranteed Funding:
Students who are beneficiaries of the funding guarantee in years 1 - 4 of the PhD program or year 1 of the MA program or Years 1 and 2 in the MA program in School and Clinical Child Psychology are not eligible for bursary assistance unless they qualify for OSAP.

International Students:
To be approved to study in Canada, international students must show they have sufficient financial resources to meet their needs. Although not eligible for bursary assistance at this time, international students are eligible for emergency assistance if their financial needs are the result of unanticipated circumstances. Contact the Office of the Registrar and Student Services at 416-978-4300 to arrange a meeting with the Financial Aid Coordinator.


OSAP Disqualification:

Ownership or Lease of Vehicle
Students who own or lease recent-model vehicles that may have contributed to a nil assessment from OSAP, should consider an appeal, if warranted, to increase their exemption from $5,000 to $10,000 before applying for bursary assistance. Students are advised to speak with a counsellor in Admissions and Awards regarding this. In instances where this still results in a disqualification, the Bursary Committee will determine the appropriate and feasible level of support it may provide.

Students who have been disqualified from receiving OSAP because of a previous overaward may be considered for assistance. Students are advised to speak with Student Services regarding this.

Debts and Obligations
The bursary program will not provide funding to meet obligations like child support payments or pay debts like income taxes, credit card and other debt.

OSAP Ineligibility
The University of Toronto funding guarantee referenced in the Student Financial Aid policy does not apply to students who are ineligible for government support for reasons such as defaults on previous government loans, the under-reporting of previous income, disqualifying credit histories, or reaching maximum lifetime OSAP limits. Students in this category should have a solid financial plan in place as the bursary program cannot and will not replace funds that OSAP and UTAPS otherwise might have provided. Each application will be assessed on a case-by-case basis to determine the level of support that might be appropriate and feasible for the University to provide.

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Principles of Allocation


In accordance with the categories applied by OSAP, you are considered in a partnership if:

  • you are married or,
  • you and your partner have been living together in a conjugal relationship for at least three years, or
  • you and your partner are raising any children of whom you both are the natural or adoptive parents

Sole Support Parent
You are a sole-support parent if your dependent children reside with you during your period of study and you are single, separated, divorced, or widowed.

Dependent children
Dependent children are pre-school children and children attending elementary or high school who are under 16 years of age. Children 16 years of age or older either must be full-time (taking 60% of a full course load) high school or postsecondary students, or must have a disability to be considered dependent. Children who have been out of high school for 5 or more years are not considered dependent.

In making its determination, the Committee will factor in the personal resources that you are expected to contribute towards your educational costs.
First year students
It is expected that students entering the first year of their program will have made arrangements to have a financial plan in place and the Bursary Committee will factor in a deemed personal contribution of $2,500.00 for each student in the first year of a program.

Minimum Partner Contribution
Partners of students are expected to contribute, at a minimum, a sum equivalent to the built-in allowance for their personal living costs and half of the household rental costs. In instances where this is not the case, a deemed equibalent contribution will be factored into the resources section of the bursary assessment.

Allowable Expenses - No Documentation Required:
The figures in the table below represent the expenses that will be factored into your application. These expenses, based on the academic year, are considered reasonable amounts that the committee will accept without documentation and include the following: tuition and incidental fees, books and related costs, rent/mortgage, hydro, gas, insurance, water/sewer, maintenance fees, property taxes, food, transportation, communication, household supplies, recreation/entertainment, clothing, personal, and health care expenses.

It does not matter whether, for example, a lower amount is spent on rent and a greater amount spent on food. Rather, the Bursary Committee considers the total student budget to be a reasonable amount for a student to spend while at the Faculty.

Figures below are based upon actual tuition and incidental fees and vary from category to category depending upon the number of weeks in your particular program. Figures below will be adjusted to reflect the difference in fees for those master's or doctoral students registered part-time.



Ph.D. Ed.D. M.A.

M.A. - Teaching
M.A. - Child Study
M.T. - HD & Curr

Dip.Tech. Studies

Single - Living at Parental Home 15600 16950 13000 14400 13200
Single - Living Away from Home 23400 24750 18200 19600 19050
Partnered 33000 34350 24600 26000 26250
Partnered & 1 Dependent Child 40200 41550 29400 30800 31650
Partnered & 2 Dependent Children 47400 48750 34200 35600 37050
Partnered & 3 Dependent Children 54600 55950 39000 40400 42450
Sole Support Parent & 1 Child 31200 32550 23400 24800 24900
Sole Support & 2 Dependent Children 38400 39750 28200 29600 30300
Sole Support & 3 Dependent Children 45600 46950 33000 34400 35700
Each Additional Child 7200 7200 4800 4800 5400



Additional Allowable Expenses - Documentation Required
To avoid processing delays, please ensure that all required documentation is submitted with your application. Your file will be kept on hold for a maximum of TWO WEEKS pending receipt of outstanding documentation after which your application will be assessed without consideration of your additional expenses.

Debt Servicing
The committee will allow expense claims of 50% of required minimum monthly payments on credit cards to a combined maximum of $250.00/month. In addition, claims will be allowed for interest charges on previous loans or institutional lines of credit. Supporting documentation in the form of the most recent loan statement, lines of credit statements, or credit card statements must be submitted with your bursary application. 

Child Care Expenses
For students with children 12 years of age or younger, reasonable child care costs will be considered to be an allowable expense provided partners of students are working. Supporting documentation from your child care provider must be submitted with your bursary application.

Vehicle Insurance Costs
Costs of vehicle insurance will be allowable to a maximum of $200.00/month. Supporting documentation must be submitted with your bursary application.

Professional Health Care Expenses
All students are automatically covered by the student health plan. Any eligible costs should first be claimed against that plan. Reasonable assistance for any health care costs will be considered for professional services not covered by an insurance plan.. Costs for individual professional services are limited to $500/year and to $750/year for all professional services combined. Receipts must accompany your application.


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Students with disabilities may be eligible for an additional supplement from OSAP for disability-related expenses. Please see Accessibility Services [1st floor in the Robarts Library at 130 St. George St (416)978-8060 regarding eligibility.


Notification of Results

You will be notified of the results of your bursary appliation by email, usually within 4-6 weeks.

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If you have questions about the results of your bursary application, you may ask for a review to ensure that your file was assessed in accordance with all policies and procedures. Please address your request to studentservices.oise@utoronto.ca

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