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Important Application Deadlines 

Students at OISE should keep these deadlines in mind in order to facilitate the teacher application process.

OSSTF - Salary evaluations for Secondary Public School Boards is July 1, 2014

QECO - Salary evaluations for Elementary, Catholic and Private School Boards is April 30, 2013

Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) -You are welcome to start the application process as early as TODAY-- most important application, one cannot teach without it! www.oct.ca

Salary, certification, and evaluation

An evaluation council rates all teachers. The deadlines for salary evaluations for our University students are listed above, after that date you will not be evaluated until you have an offer of employment. If you are going to be teaching in a public secondary school, the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation Board and Council will rate you. If you are hired at any other institution, you will be rated by Q.E.C.O. (Qualifications Evaluation Council of Ontario. These councils are composed of teachers assigned by the teaching federations. Their purpose is to present and objectively administer an organized, uniform basis with which to evaluate a teacher's qualifications.

Teachers are rated according to their university degree, grades, teaching certificate, experience, and additional qualifications (gained through evening and summer courses). The evaluation committee will place you in one of four categories. The categories have been named Category Al, A2, A3, and A4.

For example, entry into Category A1 normally requires that a candidate hold's an approved university degree plus one year of teacher training or equivalent.

All applications for Certification Rating Statements must be submitted in writing to:

Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
60 Mobile Drive,
Toronto, Ontario
M4A 2P3
(416) 751 8300Toll-free: 1-888-534-2222   Fax: (416) 961-8822
e-mail: info@oct.ca

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