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Action Plan Agreement

Once a Teacher Candidate has identified a possible Internship site, each Teacher Candidate needs to negotiate and formalize their Internship through the completion of the "Action Plan Agreement". Teacher Candidates develop the Action Plan Agreement in collaboration with their Internship Site Supervisor. The completion of this form is necessary for a Teacher Candidate to begin the Internship approval process.  TCs access the Action Plan Agreement by logging into the Internship database.

The due date for the completion and submission of the Action Plan Agreement is the first Friday in February.

Part 1: Action Plan

The Action Plan component of the "Action Plan Agreement" form reflects details of the communication the Teacher Candidate had with their Site Supervisor about the Internship:

  1. What are the Teacher Candidates interests and needs?
  2. What are the Site’s interests and needs?
  3. How can these two lists of interests and needs be combined and/or negotiated into an Action Plan that proposes certain Internship activities?

Essentially, the Action Plan component is a statement of what the Teacher Candidate plans to do during her/his Internship. It is a contract between the Teacher Candidate and the Site Supervisor of proposed Internship activities.

At the end of the first week of the Internship, each Teacher Candidate is responsible for updating the Action Plan component of the Action Plan Agreement on the Internship database. The revised Action Plan is collaboratively developed by the Teacher Candidate and Site Supervisor. The updated Action Plan is intended to more accurately reflect the nature of the Internship activities, once the Teacher Candidate has been in the Internship site for a few days.

The Action Plan component of the Action Plan Agreement form is extremely important as it forms the basis for a Site Supervisor to determine the status of the Teacher Candidate’s Internship at the mid-point and at the completion of the Internship (i.e., successful or unsuccessful completion). Examples of completed Action Plans are available for viewing on the Internship Documents page.

Part 2: Agreement

The Agreement component of the "Action Plan Agreement" form constitutes an agreement between the Site Supervisor and the Teacher Candidate to accept this Internship placement, and not accept remuneration.

Part 3: Approval

Following the completion of Parts 1 and 2 on the Action Plan Agreement, each Teacher Candidate’s proposed Internship requires OISE approval. School Site Internships within Canada are approved by a Teacher Candidate’s Option or SP Coordinator. All Non School Site Internships and all International Internships need approval by the Academic Internship Coordinator.

Teacher Candidates proposing an International Internship will not be considered for approval without the hard copy submission to SUPO of the International Requirements Form.

There are 5 stages of the approval process for each TC's Action Plan Agreement:

  1. Add a New Action Plan
  2. Student Submitted - Awaiting Site Supervisor Agreement
  3. Awaiting OISE Approval
  4. Tentative Academic Approval Granted
  5. Academic Approval Granted

For more information about each of these stages, please read Action Plan Agreement (APA): Status 1 to 5.


No Changes

Once the Action Plan Agreement has been agreed to by the Site Supervisor, it is not possible to change an Internship site. OISE recognizes that a Teacher Candidate’s professional interests and needs will further develop after the completion of the Action Plan Agreement and prior to the beginning of the Internship, but the Action Plan Agreement is a professional agreement - a contract - and OISE maintains a very strict policy in this regard. If a Teacher Candidate has exceptional circumstances to support a request for an Internship site change, they must immediately contact the Academic Internship Coordinator to arrange a meeting.


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