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Bringing research into practice: AN OISE/TDSB research project to support the mentoring practices of Associate Teachers

Authentic Voices from the Field: Associate Teachers Talk About Effective Feedback

ABSTRACT: An Associate Teacher was filmed during pre- and post-lesson debriefing sessions with two Teacher Candidates during their OISE practicum placements. By watching and discussing the filmed debriefing sessions on the digital resource, Associate Teachers began to examine their own questioning and feedback practices...More

This webinar resource for Associate Teachers includes three strategies which may help as you engage your Teacher Candidate in reflective conversations. Please read the description of the technique before viewing the video. The videos took place in elementary classrooms, but the 3 strategies can be easily used and/or adapted for secondary. 

 Video - 00:32 min

Strategy #1: Focussed Observation

Prior to a lesson, ask the Teacher Candidate to identify an area of teaching that s/he would like the Associate Teacher to provide feedback on. This area becomes the foucs of the Associate Teacher's observation of the lesson and the feedback session.

Resources for Associate Teachers:


Video - 2:48 min

Strategy #2: Scaling Question

Asking TCs to rate their own performance on a scale of one to ten, allows them to participate in a guided reflective process with the goal of incremental improvement.

Resources for Associate Teachers:


 Video - 01:02 min

Strategy #3: Paraphrasing

By restating the essence of what TCs say, Associate Teachers are able to acknowledge, clarify and summarize. The summary you provide shifts the level of abstraction towards goals and student needs.

Resources for Associate Teachers:


REFERENCES from the OISE/TDSB "Authentic Voices From the Field" Research Project

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Kindly note whether you are an Associate Teacher, School Administrator, Teacher, or "Other," and whether you work in an Elementary or Secondary setting.


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