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Mindful Moments

Offered every Thursday, 12:10 - 12:50 PM, Room 8-170

September 5 - December 5, 2019 & January 9 - April 2, 2020 (excluding Holidays and March Break) 

Facilitator: Rose Mina Munjee, MBA, RP, MBSR, MBCT, MSC, AMM-MIND, MPS 

This mindful moments session is open to all staff, students, and faculty. It is a 45 minutes with 5-10 minutes at the beginning and end of the session for informal sharing and questions, allowing students some flexibility in arriving and departing. The session includes a short introduction, 20-30 minutes of practice (breath meditation, body scan, mindful walking or movement, compassion and loving kindness, and gratitude practices), sharing, Q&A, and discussion about stress management, benefits of mindfulness meditation, and latest research findings about mindfulness in mental health, including physiology and neuroscience.

If you cannot come to a Mindful Moments session, you can listen to Guided Meditation recordings here:


Mindful Meditation

Offered every Wednesday, 12:10 – 12:50 pm, Room 8-220 (OISE)

Sept 11, 2019 - Mar 25, 2020 Sponsored by ORSS

Facilitator: Sofia Lydiatt

These sessions provide a space intended to explore the basic practices of mindfulness, promoting a personal and non-judgmental connection with our present experience. In this way, it looks to provide tools to address the difficulties that arise in the course of life.

 A 40-minute session, with 10 minutes of initial sharing of intentions and questions, 20 minutes of formal meditation and other related exercises (mindful walking, body scan, compassion development, among others). It will conclude with 10 minutes to share impressions of the experience and questions.

Sofia is a psychologist originally from Chile, where she was dedicated to work with disadvantaged communities through education. At the same time, Sofia has worked for several years as an assistant in the Institute of Mindfulness of Chile, involved in all kinds of workshops. For example, Intro to Buddhist psychology, Mindfulness & Communication, Compassion development, among others. There she had the opportunity to work with recognized Chilean Mindfulness instructors and to learn practical skills to teach Mindfulness and to lead groups. Currently, she is in the Adult Education and Community Development MEd program at OISE.

Mindfulness and Self-care

Offered every:

Monday 12:40 - 1:15 pm at JICS 363 (JICS)

Tuesday 12:10 - 12:50 pm, Room 8-180 (OISE)

Thursday 4:10 - 4:50 pm, Room 5-230 (OISE) 

Sept 19, 2019 - Mar 26, 2020 Sponsored by ORSS

Facilitator: Montserrat Sanchez Mejorada Martinez

This is a space to reconnect with our body, mind and emotions through the practice of various mindfulness techniques, with the purpose of increasing inner harmony and overall well-being. Everyone is welcome!

Montserrat is a nutritionist and international student from Mexico. She is currently studying a Master’s in Education in Developmental Psychology and Education at OISE. She has been practicing mindfulness and meditation for the past two years. Montserrat took a course on movement meditation and implemented workshops for 4th grade students on mindful eating, mental health and the importance of recognizing and expressing emotions.