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OISE Wellness

Curious about Mindfulness? 
Jack Miller
Tuesday, October 2, 2018, 12:10 – 12:50 pm
Room 12-199
Jack will share beginner-friendly mindfulness meditation practices along with his experience in teaching this practice.
OCTOBER is Healthy Workplace Month at U of T
The Organizational Development and Learning Centre, and the Work-Life Advisory Committee, are pleased to invite all staff and faculty to attend “Celebrate It” Healthy Workplace Month events at the University of Toronto. They are offering more than 20 events in October to support employees in taking care of themselves, their work, and family (in collaboration with the Family Care Office). A number of these events are offered at UTM and UTSC.
Take the Stairs Campaign kicks off
September 18 marked the beginning of the first-ever Take the Stairs Campaign at OISE, encouraging the community to walk the stairs to get from floor to floor.  For six weeks, we’re aiming to increase the use of the OISE’s stairwells for three reasons:
1. Health & Wellness - Taking the stairs is a great way to add some daily physical activity into your routine, which has proven benefits for your health and wellbeing.
2. Accessibility & Equity - Not everyone in our community is able to take the stairs. By leaving the elevators for those who really need them, we ensure that everyone can get where they need to be quickly and easily. 
3. Sustainability - Did you know that the elevators are one of the biggest energy hogs at OISE? By reducing the number of elevator trips each day, we can reduce energy use in the OISE building.
Follow us to learn about exciting stairwell pop-up events, OISE’s annual Amazing Stairs Race, and our friendly competitions. We’ll announce the Race winners via our social media channels, and award the prestigious Golden Sneaker Trophy to the most frequent cohort users.
See you in the stairs,
OISE’s Environmental and Sustainability Education Initiative
Know anyone who is ‘True Blue’ at U of T? Take two minutes to recognize them today!
New program recognizes everyday contributions by U of T faculty & staff
A new recognition program aims to profile staff and faculty who in their own way make invaluable contributions to the University of Toronto (U of T) each and every day.
U of T wants to hear from you about the amazing people you know.
This award is designed to showcase and acknowledge our staff and faculty who are loyal and committed to making this University a great place to be. They are ‘true blue.’
The nomination process is simple: all it takes is a couple of minutes to complete this short online form. Selection criteria is listed on the True Blue Award page.
Learn about our OISE Wellness Committee and the work we are doing. We also welcome feedback, suggestions and comments to help us improve the site and make it more useful for our community. Bookmark it and visit it often as we will be updating the content regularly.
Offered every Thursday, 12:10 – 12:50 pm
September 6 – December 6, 2018
January 10 – April 4, 2019
Room 5-250
Join us weekly to practice secular mindful meditation techniques 
that will increase your relaxation, resiliency and focus.
Late arrivals and early departures welcome
Sponsored by the ORSS
Offered every Tuesday 8:00 - 9:00 AM, Room 5-150
September 11 - December 4, 2018 &
January 8 - March 19, 2019
In this group meditation, Robin will guide you through techniques for developing breath awareness and equanimity(non-judgement) for resilience in the body/mind. Late arrivals and early departures welcome.
*Bring your mat or cushion - a limited number will be available to borrow.
Sponsored by the ORSS
Offered every Thursday, 4:30 - 6:00 PM, Room TBD
September 13 - December 6, 2018 &
January 10 - March 21, 2019
Designed to bring balance to the body and mind, Hatha Yoga starts with balancing breath exercises and a sequence of yoga postures for all levels, ending with a guided relaxation. *Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in. Bring your mat - a limited number will be available to borrow.
Drop-in or email for more information