We Are All Treaty People


Many people think of treaty rights as “special” indigenous rights however, all people living in Canada are treaty people with their own set of rights and responsibilities.

Treaties are a foundational part of Canadian society. Every road, house, building or business that exists today in a treaty area was made possible because of a treaty.

The existence of treaties is proof that the first settlers of what is now Canada respected First Nations as sovereign people and negotiated Nation to Nation.

By understanding the colonial history of Canada we can renew our relationships with each other and move towards meaningful reconciliation.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module, learners should be able to:

Module Topics

You will explore the following topics in this module:

1.What is a treaty? Who are treaty people?
2.Treaties pre-contact
3.Treaties early contact
4.Treaties in the Colonial era
5.Treaty Relations Today
6.Suggested Activities
7.Resources for further learning

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