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Adaptive Instruction for Teacher Education: Inclusive Approaches, Resources and Technology
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Grade 10 Case Study

Test Results


This sample of work below is part of the test termed the TOWL-2 (Test of Written Language 2nd edition. 1990).  The authors of the test are Donald D. Hammill & Stephen C. Larsen and it is published by PRO-ED, Inc. Austin, Texas

In this test students are given a picture and asked to write a story about the picture.  The writing produced is then analyzed and scored for levels of ideas (ideation), quality of language used, grammar etc, and spelling.

The following is the response from a student in Grade 10.

Read the response and analyze it for level of ideas and language. 

Can you identify some of the areas that are problematic and can you suggest ways to Differentiate Instruction and use Adaptive Technology to assist this student improve his written language?