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Adaptive Instruction for Teacher Education: Inclusive Approaches, Resources and Technology
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Product refers to how students demonstrate their learning.  There are many different ways that students can communicate their understanding of required expectations. Keeping in mind their learning styles and interests, and allowing students choice will create an environment that addresses the needs of all the students.

Product is really referring to summative evaluations.   These can be varied or differentiated in how students demonstrate their knowledge and skills. 

Developing a rubric assists in this process of focusing more on what the expectations are for learning than on one type of way of demonstrating what has been learned.  For example, some students may be better able to demonstrate what they have learned by using visual representations, orally, developing models or using adaptive technology, than just producing a handwritten document.  Students who are able to demonstrate successfully what has been learned will not only feel proud of their achievements but are motivated to continue learning.

A rubric may identify explicitly what facts, concepts and/or skills students need to demonstrate. It may also identify the quality of what is expected in any of the varied formats, e.g. neatness, being focused on the topic, etc.  These rubrics may be more generalized than highly specific but will reflect the qualities of the content and concepts covered.

Such rubrics need to be shared with students or developed with student input.

It is important to help or scaffold for students in developing this product. This may require checklists, or specific instructions or clear guidance on what quality should look like.  In large summative products, intermittent formative assessment may be needed to evaluate and give feedback at various stages of the development of the product.

It is also important to always 'teach up' and impart to students that your expectations are for the highest or best product he or she can produce.

Some Useful Strategies

  • Choice boards
  • Tiering
  • Independent Project