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Adaptive Instruction for Teacher Education: Inclusive Approaches, Resources and Technology
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Adaptive Technology

Curriculum Modules for Teacher Education 

The purpose of this project is to provide integrated online curriculum materials, resources and learnware to support computer lab activities related to use of adaptive technology in Initial Teacher Education. 



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Guide individuals to the right Assistive Technology that could change their lives.  Assistive Technology (AT) is any technology that enables an individual with a disability to bypass their weaknesses and complete tasks and activities independently. With over 400 different ATs on the market, AT Select provides a guide along with a comprehensive review of AT to assist in the decision making process. - www.atselect.org





Background on the Curriculum Modules for Teacher Education on this site:

The current focus in education is informed by the theory and practice associated with Differentiated Instruction and Universal Design, which includes the use of adaptive technology, so that all students, including those who have special learning needs, i.e exceptional students who require 'special education,'  are able to have successful learning experiences. 

In addition there is a focus of current trends in teaching students with special learning needs, i.e. Special Education, where the emphasis is now one of inclusion of exceptional students into regular classes.

A range of adaptive technologies is available and commonly used software products are licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Education for use in classrooms and schools. Teachers need to be prepared and learn how to incorporate adaptive technology into their lesson planning.  This website and the associated OISE computer lab hardware and software will provide our teacher candidates with hands-on experience while at OISE, prior to entering the profession, and also includes background information and case studies so that teacher candidates can interact with these technologies and learn who to apply them in the classroom. 

Each menu item deals briefly with each topic and is given only as an introduction to the topic.  Each section does not give extensive information as the intent is to just give direction and background information that can be used in the case studies.


Explores the notions of what is meant by Differentiated Instruction and Universal Design.
It includes a general description of what are considered essential components of Differentiated Instruction and includes references to Education for All

Special Education

This section gives an overview of the various exceptionalities and general ideas of the educational challenges that students with various exceptionalities face. It includes a glossary of terms.


This section lists the technologies that are available in the OISE computer lab and gives brief descriptions of each and what they do.  


There are several activities, such as case studies and grade level assignments, that have been designed for use in the classroom.